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09/09/17 10:25 AM Hurricane Irma CAT 5 force... Posted by Rick H

Well, looks like Hurricane Irma is going to come and make our Sabbath a bit harder to congregate. But it wont stop us from worship or praising God for all His blessings and care. We are hunkering down and it looks like its going to hit everything in Florida, and the eye is literally going right down the middle of our town. Say a prayer for us down here, as the winds are already picking up, and we will be cut off for the duration....


159 Views · 4 Comments
10/03/16 03:59 AM Hurricane Matthew massive Category 4 storm. Posted by Rick H

There are many people and a great number of Adventist members in its path to say nothing of those on low lying islands and a storm surge of 7-11 feet which may sweep completely over them.

"..Hurricane Matthew, a massive Category 4 storm, turns northwest.. Hurricane Matthew May Be Catastrophic Strike in Haiti; Hurricane Warnings in Jamaica, Cuba and Bahamas....
Hurricane Matthew, a potentially devastating Category 4 storm, finally took its long anticipated turn to the north as it nears Haiti and Jamaica, CBS Miami reports.

It’s northward turn has prompted some officials on the U.S. East Coast to start making preparations.

The storm swirled across the Caribbean Sunday toward Haiti and Jamaica, where residents frantically stocked up on emergency supplies and authorities urged people to evacuate threatened areas.

South Carolina’s emergency preparedness officials have begun preparing for Hurricane Matthew.

The U.S. State Department warned American citizens to leave both Haiti and the Bahamas in advance of the storm....STORM SURGE: The combination of a dangerous storm surge and large
and destructive waves could raise water levels by as much as the
following amounts above normal tide levels...

Southern Coast of Cuba east of Cabo Cruz...7 to 11 feet
South Coast of Haiti...7 to 10 feet
Northern Coast of Cuba east of Camaguey...4 to 6 feet
Jamaica...3 to 5 feet
Gulf of Gonave in Haiti...3 to 5 feet
Southern coast of the Dominican Republic...1 to 3 feet
Central and southeastern Bahamas...10 to 15 feet



436 Views · 4 Comments
12/04/15 11:57 AM Hope Channel Now broadcasting on Eastlink, Delta and Coastal Cable Posted by Stan

Checkout lifestyle

and under NEW CHANNELS

If you are in an Eastlink area, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, rural Ontario, rural Alberta (and some cities), Delta part of Vancouver, Sunshine coast, and several other places PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THIS.

Please help this news go viral.

405 Views · 0 Comments
10/01/15 08:12 PM Dr Ben Carson Interview Posted by Daryl

446 Views · 0 Comments
09/02/15 09:30 AM My day job. :) Posted by Stan

I also took the cover photo. Interested in comments on the editorial page 46.


496 Views · 0 Comments
08/04/15 09:38 AM Danny Shelton Once Again President/CEO of 3ABN Posted by Daryl

Per the following link, Danny Shelton is once again the President/CEO of 3ABN:


1048 Views · 2 Comments
07/03/15 07:06 PM Hungarians Reunite After 40 Years of Separation Posted by Johann


It was a great moment when this happened.

Ted Wilson prayed and expressed hope such unification would rule during the session.

712 Views · 2 Comments
07/03/15 06:59 PM 35 New Unions Posted by Johann


With 35 new Unions organized one wonders why the Unions should not then be the ones who administer the ordinations as it is at the present time.

465 Views · 0 Comments
07/02/15 11:41 AM North American Religious News re: Women and LGBTIQ Posted by Green Cochoa

The United Methodist Church membership has declined since they began ordaining women. The next step, of course, was ordained LGBTIQ clergy.

I don't know how to make the attached image appear for the chart that shows the decline. You may have to click to download it.


Green Cochoa.

1428 Views · 8 Comments
05/18/15 09:25 PM SDA Evangelist Ron Halvorsen Sr. Dies Posted by Daryl

You can read about it here:

SDA Evangelist Ron Halverson Sr. Dies

755 Views · 1 Comments
04/10/15 03:33 PM 10 Adventists Killed in Kenyan University Massacre Posted by Daryl

Ten SDAs were killed in the Kenyan University massacre per:


717 Views · 1 Comments
03/01/15 05:43 PM Julia Outkina's Brother Boris Nemtsov Killed Posted by Daryl

This was posted over at Facebook:

I wanted to make each of you aware of some very sad news.

Years ago, when I was still at 3ABN, we began a work in Russia. It was truly historical as we were noted as being a few of the first westerners to enter Nizhny Novgorod, the third largest city in Russia, after the Iron Curtain fell.

Pastor John Carter came and conducted historical evangelistic meetings and there were literally thousands of baptisms. It is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

We had the desire to have an evangelism center there which would house a church, as well as some TV studios where Russian programming could be produced. At that time, the laws did not allow for foreigners to be involved in such a project.

Julia Outkina was one of the converts from John Carter's meetings. Her brother, Boris Nemtsov was the governor of Nizhny Novgorod at the time. Because of her relationship to Boris, God made a way for the Center to be built. This was a HUGE deal at the time, undoubtedly a miracle. I have wonderful memories of our meetings with Boris. Boris has continued through the years being successful in politics in Russia.

I was very saddened to discover the news that Boris was shot and killed last night, age 55. He opposed Putin and the war in the Ukraine. He was calling for the Russian people to march against the war tomorrow, Sunday. He made public statements that he believed Putin would kill him because of his position.

Please pray for Julia, her family and the situation in Russia. It is truly a devastating loss.

910 Views · 0 Comments
11/28/14 09:10 AM At Least 8 Adventists Killed in Kenya Bus Massacre Posted by Daryl

At Least 8 Adventists Killed in Kenya Bus Massacre:


545 Views · 0 Comments
05/16/14 10:40 PM An Attack Upon the Life of Linda Shelton Posted by Daryl

The following was posted over at Advent Talk:
An attack upon the life of Linda Shelton has taken place. The house where she was staying, in Florida, was broken into and damaged. The police were notified and investigated the break-in. Both the front door and one of the windows were damaged. There was also damage within the house. The house was dusted for finger prints. The police are taking this situation very seriously.

It appears that the reason behind the crime was not theft. It was actually an attempt upon Linda’s life. She was poisoned with a combination of substances including arsenic. She is currently under the care of a physician and her treatment and its cause are being documented. The police in Florida will receive a copy of all medical information. This incident has been ruled out as accidental and clearly appears to give proof of attempted murder. Without medical intervention the result could have been death.

On Linda’s behalf, I solicit your prayers for her recovery and protection.

10214 Views · 30 Comments
04/28/14 08:10 PM Server Downtime Notice Posted by Daryl

I have received a notice that the server will be down for 30 minutes sometime through the night (April 28th/29th) for a server upgrade.

665 Views · 0 Comments
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