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#183036 - 03/30/17 10:44 PM Re: Christ Never Observed the Ceremonial Law [Re: Daryl]
Gary K Offline
Full Member
Registered: 02/09/02
Posts: 397
Loc: Colville, Wa

I will try to answer you in a single answer.

When I think of revelation I think of God speaking to and through His prophets. I also think that God leads us in our study through the Holy Spirit. However, there is a catch to that because the Holy Spirit, if we are not listening to Him on other issues in our life, cannot work with us as He would like to because of our unbelief. (I see all of our disobedience to God's commands as being symptomatic of unbelief. See Hebrews 3.)

Jesus taught that our healing, spiritual and otherwise, depends on our belief/trust in God. He said repeatedly to those He healed that it would be done to them according to their faith. Thus if we have unbelief in our hearts concerning the word of God, or we really do not want to do as the Bible says we should, it affects how much He can really lead us and heal our spiritual woes.

I suppose that the Holy Spirit leading us in Bible study and our lives could be considered revelation, but I have just never thought of it that way. I just see it as God keeping His promises to us as individuals and leading us in the way we need to go to be fitted for heaven.

As your last question from Isaiah, to me God is telling me I need to spend time with Him. I need to tell Him of my doubts and fears, the things I do not understand, and by me surrendering self allow Him to change me and lead me in the way He wants me to go. To me the surrender of self is the most important part of my relationship with God. It is by that surrender that the Holy Spirit can show me the answers to my questions and doubts, and can re-create me back into the image of God. We must have a personal relationship with God, and that, since He is infinitely superior to us, means we ask the questions and God answers us. Most of His answers come through His word. If we think we have an answer from God on something, and it doesn't agree with what the Word says, then that supposed answer did not come from God.

I know I have asked a lot of questions over the years and sometimes my Bible study will reveal the answer in a short time. Sometimes not so short a time, and often, I come across the answers to my questions while not even thinking of the questions I had asked, but studying something else entirely. The answer will just stand out and then I will recall the question.

How should we understand the Bible? As God's letter to each of us as individuals. Do all things, such as the ceremonial laws of the OT apply to us? No. However, it's hard to set a hard and fast line of this does and this doesn't, because there are lessons in all of the Bible that we can learn from and we ignore them at our peril. I find a great deal in the OT that applies to me, and that I can learn from. To me the Bible is all relevant. It is a complete, comprehensive book that God uses to educate us. It's like Paul said, all these things were written as examples for us to learn from.

Now, I'm not sure if I answered everything to your satisfaction. If I didn't, ask away again. I have no problem with answering you.

Edited by Gary K (03/30/17 10:45 PM)
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#183222 - 04/10/17 10:25 AM Re: Christ Never Observed the Ceremonial Law [Re: Daryl]
Alchemy Online   content
Active Member 2017

Most Dedicated Member
Registered: 09/27/11
Posts: 2244
Loc: Asia
Maybe it's better to say Christ never observed the old covenant?
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#183269 - 04/12/17 07:11 AM Re: Christ Never Observed the Ceremonial Law [Re: Alchemy]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2017
Most Dedicated Member
Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2287
Loc: Canada
Originally Posted By: Alchemy
Maybe it's better to say Christ never observed the old covenant?

At least that's a tiny bit more accurate. But for most Christians (including SDAs) this still translate as Jesus didn't keep Moses OT Law. That's false doctrines that promotes blindness.

This false doctrines then leads us to view OT Laws as non-existent and non-relevant to us and say things of this sort :
I will address, first, your question on Exodus 13:12,13. The context of what is said in those two verses is contained in the entire chapter. Verses 12 and 13 address the fact that God slew all the firstborn of Egypt, man and beast, when He redeemed Israel from the Egyptians. Thus, God required of the Israelites, as a remembrance of what He had done for them, that they sacrifice all of their firstborn beasts to Him as an offering of remembrance and gratitude for their deliverance.

...God allowed them to redeem the more valuable animal as a kindness towards them as the beast of burden was of significantly more financial value than a lamb was to them.

This is an example of not looking at the OT as prophecies. If this person would of been taught that all the OT is prophecy, then maybe he would of looked at why God called the COI donkeys(aka asses) several times in scriptures including Ex 13. I know people might find this insulting, but according to the Lord...we are all a bunch of donkeys(==all of us) that needs to be ALL redeemed with a spotless lamb(==Jesus).

How about repeating & beleiving Jesus own words in Mat 5:18 instead?

AV Mt 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.
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