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#185629 - 11/27/17 11:51 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure * [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2018
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Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2336
Loc: Canada
My comment : Here's an 2013 interview with Kim Dotcom who has been working in building an alternative internet. The current internet structure is design to spy on the people and sensor info that reveals Mystery Babylon's(MB) agenda. Facebook, Google, you-tube, and other major internet companies are all with MB.

I do believe that an alternative internet is needed also.

Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance (FULL RT INTERVIEW)


Jan 25, 2013

Originally Posted By: some extracted quotes from link above
“Kim Dotcom… has vowed to build an alternative internet to combat privacy and freedom problems online… Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom says he will help facilitate an unobstructed internet, free from prying eyes, through MegaNet, which will operate without IP addresses. The German entrepreneur is currently resisting extradition to the US from New Zealand over alleged copyright infringement.

““The current corporate internet will be replaced by a better Internet, running on the idle capacity of hundreds of millions of mobile devices,” Dotcom said. “Run by the people for the people. Breaking net-neutrality will only accelerate the adoption of a new network… The development will ensure internet freedom will become a reality,” he added.

“It comes as the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to kill net neutrality next month… FCC chairman Ajit Pai believes repealing net neutrality will facilitate greater investment and innovation.

“Meanwhile, WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has sought to persuade the Trump administration to maintain some form of neutrality by informing the US president that his opponents “control most internet companies.””
#185630 - 11/27/17 12:28 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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Posts: 2336
Loc: Canada
My comment : Mainstream Media has hardly covered the Yemen war that has been going on for about 3 years. I've heard that the real number of deaths are not thousands but millions of impoverished Yemen people.

Jim Willie from the GoldenJackass believes that the real purpose for the war is to steal Yemen's oil and gas reserves. The Saudi reserves has been depleted after over 40 years of heavy extraction having dominance of the market with the US Petrodollar agreement that took place in 1970. Of course, the Saudi will not reveal publically that their oil reserve is depleted and gives other reasons for this war.

Now that their are major Saudi leadership purging and their corruption are being addressed, this has a positive effect on potentially ending this terrible Yemen war soon.

Saudi Coalition Crumbles In Yemen: Sudanese Mercenaries On Front Lines, Foreign Officers, Proxies In Revolt


Nov 26, 2017

Originally Posted By: some extracted quotes from link above
"Most Americans might be forgiven for having no clue what the war in Yemen actually looks like, especially as Western media has spent at least the first two years of the conflict completely ignoring the mass atrocities taking place while white-washing the Saudi coalition's crimes. Unlike wars in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, which received near daily coverage as they were at their most intense, and in which many Americans could at least visualize the battlefield and the actors involved through endless photographs and video from on the ground, Yemen's war has largely been a faceless and nameless conflict as far as major media is concerned.

"Aside from mainstream media endlessly demonstrating its collective ignorance of Middle East dynamics, it is also no secret that the oil and gas monarchies allied to the West are rarely subject to media scrutiny or criticism, something lately demonstrated on an obscene and frighteningly absurd level with Thomas Friedman's fawning and hagiographic interview with Saudi crown prince MBS published in the New York Times.

"First, to quickly review, Saudi airstrikes on already impoverished Yemen, which have killed and maimed tens of thousands of civilians (thousands among those are children according to the UN) and displaced hundreds of thousands, have been enabled by both US intelligence and military hardware. Cholera has recently exploded amidst the appalling war-time conditions, and civilian infrastructure such as hospitals and schools have been bombed by the Saudis. After Shia Houthi rebels overran Yemen’s north in 2014, embattled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi vowed to “extract Yemen from the claws of Iran” something which he's repeatedly affirmed, having been given international backing from allies in the West, and a major bombing campaign began on March 2015 under the name "Operation Decisive Storm" (in a cheap mirroring of prior US wars in Iraq, the first of which was "Desert Storm").

"Saudi Arabia and its backers fear what they perceive as growing Iranian influence in the region, something grossly exaggerated, and seek to defend at all costs Yemeni forces loyal to President Hadi. The coalition includes Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Sudan, and the US and UK, and the Saudi initiated war has also lately received behind the scenes political support from Israel, something recently confirmed by Israeli officials.

"But the Saudi coalition is now in shambles according to a new Middle East Eye investigation. The report highlights some surprising facts long ignored in mainstream media and which give insight into how the Saudi military campaign is likely to end in total failure as "more than two years into a disastrous war, the coalition of ground forces assembled by the Saudis is showing signs of crumbling."

"Below are 5 key takeaways from the full report.

1) Saudi coalition ground forces have a huge contingent of foreign fighters, namely Sudanese troops with UAE officers, suffering the brunt of the battle on the front lines.

2) Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir has been dubbed "president of the mercenaries" for accepting over $2.2 billion from Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to provide canon fodder for the Saudi ground war in Yemen in the form of thousands of young Sudanese troops, but he's threatening revolt. To escape his untenable position, he is reportedly seeking help from Putin.

3) Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters are increasingly mutinying and fear local mass push back from Yemen's civilian population due to the unpopular bombing campaign.

4) Saudi proxy fighters are at war with each other: an Emirati-backed militia fighting under the Saudi coalition is assassinating other members of the Saudi coalition in what's increasingly an internal coalition civil war.

5) Oman is entering the fray, which will further fragment the Saudi coalition as rivalries for territorial control develop.
#185632 - 11/27/17 07:13 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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Loc: Canada
My comment: It's about 3 weeks that there are news in the alternative media of many thousands of indictments and arrests within the US government. Last week, we were hearing that the CIA headquarter was raided. And now we hear that thousands in the US Marine Corp has been arrested for corruption. So it seems that not only Saudi Arabia is currently being purge, but also the US government and military.

Here's four articles and a witness about the US Marine scandal :

As ‘Fat Leonard’ scandal grinds on, another Navy fraud case is under the radar


SAN DIEGO (Tribune News Service) — More than four years ago in a San Diego hotel, federal investigators arrested Leonard Glenn "Fat Leonard" Francis in what was the opening step in a fraud and bribery scandal that continues to resonate through the Navy.

Francis soon pleaded guilty to a decade-long scheme in which he bribed Navy officers and officials and enlisted their help in defrauding the government out of at least $35 million for his ship servicing company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia.

While the Fat Leonard scandal has torn through the Navy, upending careers of nearly two dozen current and former Navy officers and officials who have pleaded guilty and hundreds more who are under scrutiny, a second case alleging extensive fraud in ship servicing by a different company has cut a far narrower profile….

'Fat Leonard' scandal expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals

My comment: Here is what Benjamin Fulford sources has given him about this.

Huge actionable intelligence haul from Marine raid on CIA HQ

Originally Posted By: some extracted quotes
"The Marine raid last week on CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia has yielded a huge haul of actionable intelligence, say Pentagon and other sources. “[U.S. President Donald] Trump is winning BIG, with Clinton-linked pedo rings busted in China as well as the Philippines, Africa, and Germany. Military tribunals and sealed indictments across the USA are approaching 4,000,” according to Pentagon sources.

"The sources say that during the November 18th raid on CIA headquarters, computers and documents were seized and as a result, “some 400 drug facilities were located and the U.S. military began bombing them in Afghanistan on November 19th.” They added that the bombed locations were labelled as the Taliban’s in order “to be politically correct.” In other words, they do not want the world to think there is a civil war going on inside the military-industrial complex.

"Also, one of the largest corruption cases in U.S. military history has led to the investigation of 440 people, including 60 admirals—one third of the Navy’s top brass. The removal of these corrupt officers, mostly stationed in Asia, means the 7th Fleet is soon going to stop protecting the corrupt politicians in Japan, South Korea, and the secret Khazarian colony of North Korea. This will mean that U.S. arrests will be followed by similar arrests in Asia.


My comment: Two years ago I viewed the witness of Kay Griggs, an Ex-marine Colonel's wife, who did expose the corruption within the high ranked US Marine like military assassin squads, drug running, illegal weapon deals and sexual perversion deep within the highest levels Of U.S. military and government.

Kay Griggs expose US Navy Corruption

#185633 - 11/28/17 01:50 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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Posts: 2336
Loc: Canada
My comment : Not only Kim Dotcom is working in building an alternative internet network; but Russia is also. Russia's goal is different tho. Mr. Dotcom system is more elaborate in terms to prevent spying on the people and stop info censorship. Whereas Russia is to build an "independent internet infrastructure for BRICS nations which would continue to work in the event of global internet malfunctions." I think both efforts are needed.

They are aiming that it will be finish by August 1st 2018.

Cutting loose : Russia to launch 'independent internet' for BRICS nations


Nov 28th, 2018
The Russian Security Council has asked the country's government to develop an independent internet infrastructure for BRICS nations, which would continue to work in the event of global internet malfunctions.

The initiative was discussed at the October meeting of the Security Council, which is Russia's top consultative body on national security. President Vladimir Putin personally set a deadline of August 1, 2018 for the completion of the task, the RBC news agency reported.

While discussing the issue, members of the council noted that "the increased capabilities of western nations to conduct offensive operations in the informational space as well as the increased readiness to exercise these capabilities pose a serious threat to Russia's security."

They decided that the problem should be addressed by creating a separate backup system of Domain Name Servers (DNS), which would not be subject to control by international organizations. This system would be used by countries of the BRICS bloc - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The issue of excessive dependency on global DNS has previously been addressed by Russia. In 2014, the Russian Communications Ministry conducted a major exercise in which it simulated the "switching off" of global internet services and used a Russian backup system to successfully support web operations inside the country.

However, when reporters asked Vladimir Putin's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov if the country's authorities had been considering disconnecting from the global internet in 2014, Peskov dismissed these allegations as false.

"Russia's disconnection from the global internet is of course out of the question," Peskov told the Interfax news agency. However, the official also emphasized that "recently, a fair share of unpredictability is present in the actions of our partners both in the US and the EU, and we [Russia] must be prepared for any turn of events."

"We all know who the chief administrator of the global internet is. And due to its volatility, we have to think about how to ensure our national security," said Peskov. It's not about disconnecting Russia from the World Wide Web, he added, but about "protecting it from possible external influence."
#185634 - 11/29/17 08:50 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2018
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Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2336
Loc: Canada
My comment : Today mark the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution. 70 is an important time cycle that relates to the destruction of Old Babylon. As I mentioned in the previous page Post #185494 that God requires repentance("if their uncircumcised heart becomes humbled so that they then make amends for their iniquity" Lev 26:41-42) before He can "remember" the covenant He made with Jacob, Isaac, Abraham and the land. So since we haven't seen this "repentance" yet, then it surely will come sometimes in the near future before we can be released according to the Lord's word expressed in Lev 26. When in the "near furtur"? Nobody knows and the coming event will tell us when.

Let us not forget that the Lord has put Israel into captivity(a judgment based on Lev 26 & Deut 28) to 4 Beast Empires plus two extensions of Rome(the two beasts of Rev 13)because they(Israel) were hostile towards the Lord (Lev 26:40). So the Lord is using all these Beast Kingdoms(Babylon,Medes & Persia, Greece, Rome, RCC, & Mystery Babylon) and this long captivity to bring us(His people -- the believers) to repentance.

We tend (including myself, Stephen Jones, and most Christians) to be in a hurry for God's 2nd coming and lump prophecies into a shorter time frame than what the Lord has in mind. For example, I have been viewing the fall of Babylon and the release of the captives and the fund release as one event after another happening in a span of a year or two. I never studied if in the type(the fall of Old Bablylon) all these 3 events happened all in one year. And let's say it did, it doesn't mean that in the anti-type these 3 events will happened in the same time frame.

Two years ago, after some more studies on my time chart since Adam and comparing Steven's data in his book "Secrets of Time" I did notice a discrepancy of something around 10 to 20 years related to the reign of Israel & Judah before its captivity. I don't remember the number exactly as I'm not home and do not have access to my notes. However, I did acknowledge that my understanding of history and prophecies fulfillment in terms of the different time cycles based on the 490 years Jubilee cycle and its other related cycles is quite limited compare to him.

So below is Stephen Jones prophetic discernment about the 70th Anniversary of the Palestine Resolution. Like all things we read(=food), the Lord requires us to chew our cud(ponder) and allow the Holy Spirit to confirm it(provide a double witness) so it stands on two separate hoofs before it can lawfully be considered as "clean food". In another word, don't swallow it before chewing your cud thoroughly and having confirmation from above.

Nevertheless, we all can learn some prophetic end time elements, like the prophesies of Essau-Edom and how it relates to the Palestinian resolution of 1948, that we might not have in our end-time prophecies and how these historical fulfillment dates applies to Babylon & the Jubilee cycles.

I think below is quite an interesting read and something worth chewing on.

The 70th Anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution

Today is the 70th anniversary of the passage of the Palestinian Resolution at the United Nations in 1947. Today marks a very important transition, one of many 70-year cycles since the 1940’s. However, keep in mind that the Israeli state did not declare its independence until May 14, 1948, so we ought to expect some sort of transition from now until May 14, 2018.

It is too soon to say what that transition will involve. It may have a direct connection with the Israeli state, or it may be more subtle and manifest in a way that is related, but not fully evident.

Babylon and Esau-Edom

In the long term, we must also consider a longer transition of six years to 2023-2024. Why? Because as I showed in Secrets of Time, the Israeli state was established on Cursed Time after 8 x 414 years, and this may require 76 years thereafter to reach Blessed Time (414 plus 76 is 490).

Recall that this long-term time cycle began with Israel’s first captivity to the king of Mesopotamia in Judges 3:8. Mesopotamia is the old name for Babylon, as it means “the land between two rivers” (Tigris and Euphrates). This first captivity of 8 years was a prophetic type of 8 cycles of 414 years in a much longer captivity to Babylon.

2 x 414 years after this first captivity ended with the fall of Babylon in 537 B.C. Six more cycles of 414 years ended in 1947-1948. This entire time cycle is tied to Babylon, and we are now approaching the end of it. In 1948 the Church (or “Jacob”) gave the birthright back to Esau in order to fulfill Isaac’s prophetic judgment upon Jacob for taking the birthright from him in an unlawful manner (Genesis 27:40 KJV). Isaac stated there that at some point in history “the dominion” (mandate) would go back to Esau. It was so that Esau could prove himself unworthy as a rebellious son, so that he could be disinherited in a lawful manner.

That is what happened in 1947-1948. The descendants of Esau-Edom were represented in world Jewry since the Edomites (“Idumeans”) had been conquered and forced to convert to Judaism in 125-126 B.C. Since then Edom has not been a nation separate from Jewry. Jewry has thus had to fulfill a dual set of prophecies.

In 1947-1948 the birthright was given back to Esau, because the remnant of Judah that was under the iron yoke of captivity (since 70 A.D.) had not fulfilled the terms in the Law of Tribulation (Leviticus 26) that would allow them to return to the old land. Those terms are clearly spelled out in Leviticus 26:40. 41, 42, 43, showing that they must first acknowledge their hostility toward Yahweh-Yeshua before God would turn their captivity.

40 If they confess their iniquity and the iniquity of their forefathers, in their unfaithfulness which they committed against Me, and also in their acting with hostility against Me— 41 I also was acting with hostility against them, to bring them into the land of their enemies— or if their uncircumcised heart becomes humbled so that they then make amends for their iniquity, 42 then I will remember My covenant with Jacob, and I will remember also My covenant with Isaac, and My covenant with Abraham as well, and I will remember the land. 43 For the land shall be abandoned by them, and shall make up for its sabbaths, while it is made desolate without them…

The law specifically mentions the condition of “their uncircumcised heart,” which is how Paul described them in Romans 2:28, 29. Repentance is necessary, then, before God remembers His covenant. The hearts of the people must be circumcised, because, as Paul says, outward circumcision of the flesh is praised by men and not by God. Judah means “praise,” and so Paul implies that one’s identity as a Judahite (“Jew”) hinges on heart circumcision, which receives “praise” (or recognition) from God.

The terms of restoration from captivity were understood by the church until the 20th century, when many Christians finally abandoned that view. Up until that time, the mainstream view was that the Jews would repent in 1948 and that this would begin “The Great Tribulation” for the next few years. War broke out for a couple of years, which seemed to prove the view. Of course, the war with the Arab states ended without any sign of mass Jewish conversion.

The church did not understand the prophecies of Esau, nor did they consider how Esau’s descendants had been incorporated into the nation of Judah in 125-126 B.C. Hence, they did not understand what was happening in 1948. They assumed that the Jews were chosen. They did not understand the history of the birthright and the dominion mandate. They did not understand Jacob’s offence when he lied to his father to steal the dominion mandate from Esau. They did not realize that the holiness of God could not forget that offence—and that Jacob’s sin would have to be dealt with at some point in history.

So in 1948 God caused Jacob (“Union Jack”) to give the land to the descendants of Esau-Edom in order to allow Esau time to prove himself unworthy of the birthright. He timed this event to coincide with the end of 8 cycles of 414 years from Judges 3:8 and also 6 cycles of 414 years since the fall of Babylon in Daniel 5:31.

In other words, 1947-1948 was the first potential time when Babylon might have fallen. But more prophecy yet had to be fulfilled in regard to Esau before the Kingdom could be established. We read in the Book of Jasher that Esau killed Nimrod (the king of Babylon), while he was on a hunting expedition, and then took his garments which represented his supposed right to rule the earth. Jasher says that these were the garments that God had given Adam. They had been passed down to Noah, but Ham and Canaan stole those garments in Genesis 9:22. Canaan passed them down to his son, Cush, and Cush gave them to his son, Nimrod. Nimrod used the garments to “prove” that he had been given the divine right to rule, and by this he conquered men.

Esau took those garments for himself, and then he had to flee for his life from Nimrod’s bodyguards. He arrived home exhausted and hungry, selling his birthright to Jacob for some food. Jacob did not show love to his brother, for he should have fed him free of charge in order to fulfill the law of God. Instead, he engaged in “price-gouging,” a practice that may seem smart and ethical to the world, but which is unlawful in the sight of God.

As I said, Babylon might have fallen in 1947-1948. Instead, Esau “killed” Nimrod and usurped his spiritual garments, fulfilling the historical type of what had occurred thousands of years ago. In other words, the Israeli state fulfills the prophetic type of when Esau put on the garments that had been stolen from Noah and which were usurped by Nimrod, who established Babylon to rule the earth apart from God and His laws. The Jewish state, then, is uniquely tied to modern Mystery Babylon as a rival to the genuine Kingdom of God. That is why the Jews did not repent, nor they receive heart circumcision in 1947-1948 as the church had expected.

The Sign of Babylon’s Monetary Replacement

In a sense, this 70-year cycle is another Babylonian captivity, or an extension of it. Today is the first important time marker, dating from 1947, which could be the beginning of the end of the modern captivity. Time will tell, of course, but we ought to expect some sign today or tomorrow that would point toward the fall of Babylon.

That sign has indeed occurred, for Babylon’s life blood is money. I have been watching for signs of the fall of the dollar, and more recently I came to see that the money issued and owned by the central banks of the world is being replaced by a new form of money called cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin. Bitcoin was established in January 2009, a few months before the Elisha signs began.

Bitcoin started out at a value of a fraction of a cent. Yesterday it hit $10,000, and today it raced past $11,000. No doubt it will backtrack a bit, as investors take their profits. Nonetheless, the timing of this extraordinary event tells me that the cryptocurrencies are fast replacing the established currencies.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, not owned by the Federal Reserve Bank. Unlike Babylonian currencies such as the US dollar, Bitcoin is not a debt note. Hence, the Babylonian banks hate it, because it undermines their money tree. But more and more people and businesses are now accepting various cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services, having faith in their increasing value even while they lose faith in the decreasing value of the Babylonian currencies.

As of now, the market cap (total value) of the cryptocurrencies is well over $300 billion, as people exchange their Babylonian debt-notes for a new form of debt-free money. This will only increase over time, and since this latest explosion of Bitcoin occurred on November 29, 2017, I suspect that the next date to watch will be May 14, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Israeli state. During the next 6 months, I will be watching Bitcoin and all of the cryptocurrencies, because it appears that they are major signs of the drying up of Babylon’s money tree that was planted by the Rothschilds in their attempt to usurp world power.

Reaching Blessed Time

Our overall goal is to get past Cursed Time (414) and to reach Blessed Time (490). A cycle of Cursed Time (414 days or years) either results in divine judgment or another cycle of 76 days or years to reach Blessed Time (490). 414 plus 76 equals 490. (See Secrets of Time.)

We have seen many examples in biblical and secular history how Cursed Time cycles end. Most end in divine judgment, because the people or nations fail to repent. But we are now in a time where the Kingdom of God is being established on the ruins of Babylon. Hence, we ought to expect to see the effects of Blessed Time in the midst of this chaos.

The year 1947-1948 was the end of the final 414-year cycle since that first Babylonian captivity in Judges 3:8. So that is not only the start of a 70-year cycle in regard to Esau, but it is also the start of a 76-year cycle toward Blessed Time, ending in 2023-2024.

The overlapping of 70 and 76-year cycles has precedent. Recall that we saw the so-called “Russian Revolution” in November 1917. It was really a Jewish revolution in Russia, for most of the leaders of that revolution were Khazar-Jewish. Their Socialist ideology was from Karl Marx, the son of a Jewish rabbi. His real name was Karl Heinrich Mordecai Levy.

The Soviet Union’s first 256 commissars were shipped there from the Lower East Side of New York City, all but two of them being Jews. This was investigated in 1919 by Senator Overman, whose “Overman Report” are in the government records. I read the testimony in these hearings in my earlier days as a student of history. The bottom line is that Socialism is the ideology of modern Babylon.

Getting back to our main point, however, November 1917 was the start of the “Russian Revolution.” It began a 70-year captivity until Soviet president Gorbachev brought it to an end in a 70th anniversary speech in 1987, when he capitulated. This speech marked the start of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 and the reestablishment of the Russian Republic.

But 1917 was also the date of the Balfour Declaration and (a few weeks later) General Allenby’s capture of Jerusalem toward the end of World War 1. So 76 years later brought us to 1993, which coincided with the 40th Jubilee of the church (since 33 A.D.). 40 x 49 is 1,960 years, which, from 33 A.D. bring us to 1993.

This showed an overlap between the 70-year captivity and the 76-year cycle. Hence, in 1987 we saw a sign of the end of captivity and the collapse of a major Babylonian-ruled nation, followed by a sign of Jubilee and Blessed Time in 1993.

This is probably what we will see again from 2017/2018 to 2023/2024.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the Kingdom during this time, of course, or for as long as God allows.
#185635 - 11/29/17 09:36 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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My comment: Here's an interesting tabulation of "4289 Sealed Indictments From ALL 94 Federal Districts" in the past 3 weeks. The norm is apparently 1000 per 12 months. So this may confirm Benjamin Fulford's sources and others has been leaking out these past 3 weeks.

4,289 SEALED Federal Indictments/Cases in All 94 federal districts: HISTORIC!

Nov 29th, 2017
#185652 - 12/02/17 09:50 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
ProdigalOne Offline
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Loc: Alberta, Canada
A treasure trove of information, Elle!
"...I will not forget you.
Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of [my] hands..."

Isaiah 49:15-16
#185675 - 12/07/17 08:33 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: ProdigalOne]
Elle Offline
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I'm glad that you find some value in reading this thread of current news relating to the world economic changes. For me this thread is beneficial as it gives me a placè to blog this news so I'm not going to forget and track down dates & links so I can watch and hopefully come to understand what the Lord is doing. I believe events are fulfillment of prophesies. So I appreciate this forum and everyone's comments and contribution.
#185676 - 12/07/17 09:03 PM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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My comment : an important sign, history mark, and prophetic fulfillment about the Jewish state, the two Jerusalems, and the great shaking.

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
Dec 6th 2017

Today President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state, and he ordered the US embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.



This comes near the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Resolution on November 29, 1947.

This comes near the 100th anniversary of when General Allenby took Jerusalem on December 9, 1917, the 24th day of the 9th month (Haggai 2:18, 20). There are two prophecies associated with this particular day. Haggai 2:19 says, “from this day on I will bless you.” Haggai 2:21 says also, “I am going to shake the heavens and the earth” and “overthrow the thrones of kingdoms and destroy the power of the kingdoms and of the nations.”

December 6, 2017 falls between the two anniversaries (November 29 and December 9).

Blessing and Shaking

No doubt many Evangelical Christians will rejoice over this recognition of Jerusalem, not realizing its real significance. I do believe that this is a very important act and a very important prophetic date in history. It will indeed be a day of blessing for those who recognize the heavenly Jerusalem (“Sarah”) as their spiritual mother. Those who recognize the earthly Jerusalem (“Hagar”) as their spiritual mother will find themselves among the kingdoms on earth that will be shaken, as Hebrews 12:22, 26-28 tells us.

The Homeland and the Jewish State

Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem marks the end of a long progression of events that began a century ago. We must view his actions in that light. In November 1917 the Balfour Declaration set forth the British Government’s intention to set aside Palestine as a Jewish “homeland” (not a Jewish state). In 1947 the United Nations fulfilled this intention by voting to create a homeland for Jews who wished to move there to live alongside non-Jews.

In 1967 the Israelis forcibly took Jerusalem and annexed it as part of their state, ignoring the fact that they were supposed to be a homeland, not a Jewish state. The Israeli state has thus been in violation of the original UN mandate, and this is why the nations of the world seem to be against them. Evangelicals do not understand that the United Nations don’t like the fact that the Israelis have violated their original mandate by which the nation was created in the first place.

But what about prophecy? How does God view it?

Leaves and Fruit

First, we must understand that the fig tree that Jesus cursed in Matthew 21:19 immediately withered up, but later, in Matthew 24:32, Jesus prophesied that it would bear more leaves at the end of the age. This prophecy came to pass in 1947-1948, because the fig tree was the nation of Judah (or “Jews”).

So it was certainly prophesied that the Jewish state would be re-established near the time of the end. I do not dispute that. My dispute is with those who think that this “fig tree” will bear fruit. Jesus said it will never again bear fruit (Matthew 21:19). Jesus said that when we saw it bring forth more leaves, then we would know that we were near the end (Matthew 24:32).

Leaves are not fruit. Fleshly people cover themselves with fig leaves as a substitute for fruit. The true chosen people bear fruit. Because the tree bore only leaves in Jesus’ day, it was cursed. That situation has repeated itself in our time. The Israeli state has again covered itself with fig leaves in the tradition of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:7), giving the appearance of health and strength, but in reality only covering their sin without appropriating the blood of Christ to their hearts. The choice is either fruit (of the Spirit) or leaves (self-justification). This is something that most Evangelicals do not seem to comprehend.

The Two Jerusalems

The other big factor is seen in Galatians 4:25, where Paul tells us explicitly that the earthly Jerusalem is not Sarah, but Hagar. Those who adhere to Old Covenant religion are children of Hagar, not children of Sarah. Paul says that they are NOT inheritors of the Kingdom and that they will eventually be “cast out” (Galatians 4:30).

By his recognition of the earthly Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state, Donald Trump has now provided the final identifying link between the Old Covenant Israelis and Hagar-Jerusalem. Because of the extraordinary timing of this recognition, it is clear (to me) that this sets into motion the prophecies of Haggai regarding the great shaking of the nations. All fleshly nations will be shaken, including the fleshly Israeli state itself.

Two Types of Ishmaelite

As of today, Donald Trump has recognized legally that the Israeli citizens are the children of Hagar—that is, they are the true Ishmaelites, prophetically speaking. The Arabs, of course, claim to be Ishmaelites on the grounds of their genealogical connection to Ishmael himself. But from the standpoint of prophecy, all Old Covenant Jews, regardless of genealogy, are the children of Hagar, “born according to the flesh” (Galatians 4:29).

The modern conflict between Arabs and Jews has been a dispute over who is the real inheritor of Ishmael’s estate, birthright, and prophetic promises. In this dispute, it appears that the Jews have prevailed, for their claim to Mother Jerusalem is now being recognized by Donald Trump. No doubt they—and Evangelical Christians—will rejoice over this, not realizing that whoever succeeds in claiming Jerusalem will be destroyed with it.

Jerusalem will be cast out, along with her children, Paul says in Galatians 4:30. The Arabs do not understand the prophecy either, so they strongly object to Jerusalem being claimed by the Israelis. If they knew the prophecy, they would see that God was being merciful to them, for by losing Jerusalem as their spiritual mother, they will avoid the judgment that is soon to come when Jeremiah 19:10, 11 is fulfilled.

Personally, I believe that blind eyes will remain closed until the destruction of the city, for if the people could see, they might have opportunity to stop this coming judgment. Only when the city is destroyed and Hagar is cast out will Jews, Muslims, and Christians be able to recognize that the New Jerusalem is the one through whom the promises of God must come. Only when will the children of promise be seen to be the real chosen people. “And you brethren, like Isaac, are children of promise” (Galatians 4:28).

Those chosen ones according to man are the children of Hagar. The chosen ones according to God are the children of Sarah. No one can be an overcomer who has Hagar/Jerusalem as their mother. Those who support Hagar’s claim to the birthright show that they are not among the children of promise.

The Great Shaking

God has revealed to us for many years that we were about to enter into the great time of shaking, where everything that is not of the Kingdom will fall to the ground (Hebrews 12:27). But until now, we only saw relatively minor shakings. It seems to me that Donald Trump’s recognition is probably the final signal to begin this final shaking.

Will we also see a physical shaking in the earth, as in an earthquake? Perhaps. As I wrote months ago, I have had a foreboding inside that we would see a great quake shortly. But will it include a physical quake? That is the question.

There is precedent for this with the Los Angeles earthquake on January 17, 1994, followed by the Kobe, Japan earthquake a year later on January 17, 1995. Will there be a third quake on the same date in 2018? I do not know, but it is certainly a watch date.

Over and beyond any physical earthquakes that may occur, we should consider that the great quake in Haggai and Hebrews is now on a prophetic countdown toward the final fulfillment of Jeremiah 19:10, 11. The prophecy says that the city will be destroyed so completely that it will never again be repaired (rebuilt). It was destroyed many times in the past, but it was always rebuilt. This time, however, I believe it will be the final destruction, simply because we are at the end of the age. The fig tree has brought forth its leaves for 70 years. The Israelis have controlled Jerusalem for 50 years since 1967. Their control is now being recognized by Donald Trump.

As for timing, I think we ought to watch next year’s feast days, particularly Trumpets, September 10, 2018.
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De-Dollarization Continues: China, Iran To Eliminate Greenback From Bilateral Trade

Dec 7th 2017


"The more Washington lashes out in anger at those who will not bow to the unipolar world order, the more the rest of the world fights back. As the launch of its Yuan/Gold-settled oil futures looms, China is escalating its de-dollarization scheme further by seeking a bilateral rial-yuan agreement with Iran.

As a reminder, nothing lasts forever...

My comment : good news! However should we make a distinction that all beastly kingdoms does not last forever...but The kingdom of God WILL last forever & ever according to Dan 2 & 7.
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