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#185819 - 01/05/18 02:25 AM Re: Seeking a Balanced Approach to treat cancer depending on your type of cancer and your financial mean [Re: daylily]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2017
Most Dedicated Member
Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2324
Loc: Canada
Originally Posted By: daylily
So sorry to hear this! Have you been to this web site? www.chrisbeatcancer.com. He has lots of good information that seems to be balanced. He isn't a Seventh-day Adventist but he should be! He has interviews with cancer survivors who didn't take the traditional chemo or radiation route and survived.

Tx daylily. I had good results with juicing and eating anti-inflammatory foods or teas (essiac tea). The lumps in my breast decreased significantly and regain its normal look and function after only two months. But what was puzzling is that it had no effect on my canceric ulcers that was eating my flesh very rapidly on top of the skin. Plus the cancer had spread in my bones. I had to deal with the skin cancer ulcers that was extremely painful and deliberating me by draining my blood reserve that I became anemic. So that's when I got a mastectomy and a few months after these cancerous ulcers came back but 10 times more numerous spread on greather area going into my back. So I went tru radiation therapy to deal with that. I had to be away from home for all of these treatments and couldn't continue my juicing.

When I got back home, at that point the cancer that was already spread in my bones had already made a hole in my pelvis that i hardly could walk anymore and couldnt use my left arm because ofvthe damaged in my shoulder bones. So i couldnt walk, drive and became bed ridden. I couldn't live alone anymore and ended up living with my sister. I didn't want to make things complicated for them and went along with their diet trying to abstain from the dairy, the meat, and the gluten as much as I could.

After viewing your link, I wanted to get back to juicing and discussed it with them. So I need to get a smaller juicer then my clunky big heavy champion juicer as they are trying to sell their condo and their kitchen is small and needs to be kept very tidy at all times for viewing.

I'm glad that they agreed that I can get back to juicing and to my diet.
#185820 - 01/05/18 07:02 PM Re: Seeking a Balanced Approach to treat cancer depending on your type of cancer and your financial mean [Re: Elle]
daylily Offline
Active Member 2015

Full Member
Registered: 01/25/07
Posts: 100
Loc: USA
I'm glad they agreed too, Elle! I will be praying for you. It sounds like you've had a rough time of it. I know that Chris Wark took IV vitamin C therapy and other things that I don't remember.
#185829 - 01/08/18 07:59 PM Re: Seeking a Balanced Approach to treat cancer depending on your type of cancer and your financial mean [Re: ProdigalOne]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2017
Most Dedicated Member
Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2324
Loc: Canada
Originally Posted By: ProdigalOne
Elle, if there is a positive aspect to your trials, it is that we get to hear more from you. I am grateful for you and your God filled heart.

I know that you have asked that we not focus our prayers on your healing.
Alas, your healing is the first and the last of all my prayers for you.
My dear Sister, please forgive me, but I find myself being a bit greedy when it comes to hearing from you. Whether, I agree with them or not, your words invariably come from a place of love. We would all be poorer for the lack of them.

Learn what lessons the Father has for you, shine what Light He kindles within, grow in His strength and His grace, and for the sake of your selfish brothers and sisters who love you:

Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, we beseech You, please heal our sister, Marie-Mai.


I just re-read this. Tx you ProdigalOne for your selfish prayer smile At the first read I didn't know what to say. It took some time to digest and a second read to see that was quite brotherly of you.

That was very well expressed and I believe your selfishness could be seen as selflessness when it is express from the point of view of the body as a whole.

I believe no one is better than another. We all sinned and we all started by being a vessel of destruction. God just works on a few selected one first and transforms them into a vessel of glory (Rom 9). Theres three harvests in the law. No matter which harvest we end up...Without Gods keeping His vow to writes His laws on our heart table via the fiery works(baptism) of the Holy Spirit...no one, including the overcomes, would make it.

From the restoration of all things point of view...Sooner or later we will all be married to Christ and form His body. ...everyone life experience will be given some revelation of our Father that really doesnt belong to us but it belongs to the body. I believe it is together as a body that we will see our Father's face more clearly. Every contribution from the body are important. We are all equal having all a role to play in this great plan to subdue all things so that God can be once again all in all.

All to say...tx for your loving words and prayer of healing.
#185840 - Yesterday at 12:27 PM Re: Seeking a Balanced Approach to treat cancer depending on your type of cancer and your financial mean [Re: Elle]
kland Offline
Active Member 2017

5000+ Member
Registered: 10/28/08
Posts: 5023
Loc: Midland
Elle, I believe the best hope is in the juicing raw food diet, no processed / packaged foods. If our bodies have the best materials for healing, the probabilities are stacked in our favor.
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