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#183808 - 05/26/17 06:00 AM Re: Russian Door of Religious Freedom Closing [Re: dedication]
Alchemy Offline
Active Member 2017

Most Dedicated Member
Registered: 09/27/11
Posts: 2245
Loc: Asia
Originally Posted By: dedication
So we have the Adventist Review telling us there is no threat to the Adventist Church's Activity in Russia -- any such reports is to be considered "fake news".

Let's look at that a little more seriously.

Notice the Dates and the Sources.

Christianity Today June 2016
Despite prayers and protests from religious leaders and human rights advocates, the Kremlin announced Putin’s approval yesterday. The amendments, including laws against sharing faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings, go into effect July 20 [2016]

June 28, 2016 Adventist News Networks

Seventh-day Adventist believers across Russia were observing a day of fasting and prayer on Tuesday over proposed legislation that would severely restrict missionary activity in the country by, among other things, banning religious gatherings in homes and requiring people who wish to share their faith online or through religious literature to first secure proper documents.
The day of prayer and fasting came as Oleg Goncharov, director of the public affairs and religious liberty department at the Euro Asia Division appealed to Putin to reject the legislation>

Fox News, July 12, 2016
"Thousands fast after Putin signs law banning evangelism outside of churches"

Adventist Church Ready to Assist Members After Russia Limits Evangelism
July 22, 2016

Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders in Russia expressed hope that a restrictive law that came into force this week would not be used against the evangelistic work of Adventists but said they were ready to assist church members accused of violating it. The law—part of a package of anti-terrorism

New York Times April 4, 2017

Russia Moves to Ban Jehovah's Witnesses as 'Extremist'

New York Times April 20, 2017
Russia Bans Jehovah Witnesses, Calling it an Extremist Group

Huffington Post
Apr 20, 2017

The ministry was investigating the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Russian headquarters near St. Petersburg over the last year and claimed it discovered violations of a Russian law banning extremism.
Like Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists and other religious minorities in the country, Jehovah’s Witnesses have come under intense scrutiny under Russian anti-extremism laws that ban proselytizing and curtail the dissemination of religious literature.


Moscow Court considers a ban on Adventist Church as over 12 million sign petition
(That one, though posted on several sites, is said to be "fake" news. In other words -- it hasn't happened yet that the courts are meeting to determine this, but the assurance that it will never happen which we see in the SDA response, is also very questionable, as anyone can see the winds are blowing against true Adventism in Russia.

National Catholic Register -- Aleteia(which has the support and patronage of some in the Vatican but not from the Vatican itself)
April 22, 2017

“The main issue as I see it lies in the fact that the Moscow Patriarchate, along with other branches of the Russian Orthodox church (such as the Orthodox Church of America) as well as with the support of the Muslim clerics, sees such religious groups’ activity in Russia as a threat. They actually do not see them as pacifist, because their methods are quite activist and perhaps in Russian view, ‘extremist’. Proselytizing is not a part of the religious culture in Russia, and many Russians, as well as the government and the religious establishment are suspicious of it. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the only ones affected’, she said, ‘The law applies also to Mormons and Seventh day Adventists, for example.’
She said that the Orthodox in the south of Russia are generally very religious and see groups such as 7th-Day Adventists as competition. “There have been many examples of people from Christian [sects] going into Orthodox churches and distributing literature or in some way disturbing church services,” she said. “They go door to door,,, and the Russian Orthodox church sees them as aggressive because they talk to people very openly, they give out literature , they often say very negative things about the Russian Orthodox church they’re very good at debating…They are being perceived –by a very conservative religion that is in the process of reshaping itself and has been doing so for 25 years after a very long time of atheism,--they are being perceived as the guys coming in and taking away our future converts”

It would seem the Adventist Review is promoting "fake news". This is a terrible development in God's Remnant people's ability to promote true liberty of conscience. It could be very difficult to un-explain that to others in these countries such as Russia.
#183819 - 05/26/17 02:22 PM Re: Russian Door of Religious Freedom Closing [Re: dedication]
APL Offline
Active Member 2017

5000+ Member
Registered: 01/31/11
Posts: 5489
Loc: Western, USA
Originally Posted By: elle
I think Russia has a right to protect it's Christian values.
Oh, that men might open their minds to know God as he is revealed in his Son! {ST, January 20, 1890}
#183821 - 05/26/17 03:01 PM Re: Russian Door of Religious Freedom Closing [Re: APL]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2017
Most Dedicated Member
Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2324
Loc: Canada
Originally Posted By: APL
Originally Posted By: elle
I think Russia has a right to protect it's Christian values.

You speak in tongues? Please translate -- make clear your point!

BTW...APL is responding to my post issued a few hours before Alchemy's post that created a new page and mine is on the end of Page 4. So maybe some of you didn't get to see it.

Here it is reposted on this page...for your convenience.


I think Russia has a right to protect it's Christian values. This comes out very clear in this recent article below.

Siberian diocese calls for boycott of ‘Satanic’ Holi Festival of Colors

Published time: 25 May, 2017

-------- main quote extracted from article --------------------

“not to succumb to spiritual provocations that will be carried out on our soil more than once, not only by the followers of the Eastern ‘spirituality,’ but also by representatives of other dangerous cults, trying to disintegrate our people from within, to strip it of its identity, spiritual support, with the help – free or involuntary – of irresponsible commercial structures.

The deceitfulness that accompanies the Festival of Colors… speaks volume of the character of the event and the lies of its organizers, trying at all costs to impose on our people, especially on the younger generation, alien values, hostile spirituality, and cash in on it,” the missions office said.

The Chelyabinsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church asked the prosecutor’s office to look into the “content side” of the All-Russia Festival of Colors for fear it could put “Russia’s national security” at risk and “disintegrate our people.”

According to the missions office of the diocese, the All-Russia Festival of Colors is formerly known as the ‘Holi Festival of Colors,’ and is dedicated to the Indian demoness Holika, who was burned at the stake.

“Apparently, taking into account the opinion of the Russian Orthodox Church and its negative attitude towards pagan, satanic activities, alien to our spiritual tradition and our culture, the organizers of the holiday maliciously made… a forgery, changing the name of the festival, trying to present it as innocent secular entertainment, fun for the youth.”

The missions office said it considers the Indian Holi holiday as a “form of ‘soft’ mediated proselytism, the serpent penetration of demonic practices into the soul of our people for the purpose of deformation and decomposition.”

“To avoid… trouble, it’s time to give this phenomenon a principled, including legal, assessment – not only at the regional, but also at the federal level,” the office said in a statement.

The festival’s page on VKontakte (VK) social network says the Festival of Colors is just a “mass event where teenagers communicate live, take photos, get acquainted, dance and spend their weekend,” with live DJs.

“We respect all religions, but we have NO relation whatsoever to any of them,” the organizers said on the festival’s VK page.

The annual festival is popular with school children and students, who listen to music, dance, and throw colored powder at each other, local broadcaster 31TV reported.

“The paint is safe, and is made from starch. It’s totally harmless and is easy to wash even with cold water,” Almaz Mukhametshin, the festival’s organizer, told the broadcaster.

“not to succumb to spiritual provocations that will be carried out on our soil more than once, not only by the followers of the Eastern ‘spirituality,’ but also by representatives of other dangerous cults, trying to disintegrate our people from within, to strip it of its identity, spiritual support, with the help – free or involuntary – of irresponsible commercial structures.

The deceitfulness that accompanies the Festival of Colors… speaks volume of the character of the event and the lies of its organizers, trying at all costs to impose on our people, especially on the younger generation, alien values, hostile spirituality, and cash in on it,” the missions office said.

This is not the first time the Russian Orthodox Church has spoken out against the Holi Festival of Colors. In March, the Metropolitan of Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust, Nikodim, suggested banning the event in Russia. “What does the holiday really mean? It goes back to ancient occult practices in India, where the demoness Holi was burned, and her followers rubbed their bodies with the ashes of her corpse. Ask a normal person – do you want your son or your daughter to rub their face with the ashes of a human corpse?” Nikodim said, as cited by znak.com.

The All-Russia Festival of Colors will take place in various Russian cities over the weekend of May 27-28.
#183827 - 05/26/17 05:48 PM Re: Russian Door of Religious Freedom Closing [Re: Elle]
dedication Online   content

Global Moderator
4000+ Member
Registered: 04/25/04
Posts: 4342
Loc: Canada
Russia is closing the door to Christians who don't follow the Orthodox/Catholic version of Christianity. Those who don't fit into the ecumenical melt down are being "closed out".

That was the initial theme of this thread.
So now you bring in a pagan festival that that Orthodox Chruch also wants shut down.
Where are you heading?
Is shutting down a festival, or celebration, the same as shutting down a religious denomination?

Or are you saying Jehovah Witnesses are a "Satanic cult"????

JW's may be closer to truth than the Orthodox.
Though I don't agree with several doctrines the JW's hold, this villainization of them is what is totally evil.

Actually to lump them together is part of the portrayal of the what will take place in the last days.
Lumping everyone -- both the openly pagan and the Christian who believes differently than the STATE church into one category marked "get rid of them".

God's commandment keeping people will be labeled and treated as "dangerous cults, trying to disintegrate our people from within" right along with the OPENLY Pagan groups.

But isn't that pure hypocrisy?
How many PAGAN practices, sacraments and festivals with a thin Christian covering, does the Orthodox and Catholic churches practice?

They are riddled full of pagan practices!!! Complete with receiving messages from the "dead" so called "saints" and apparitions.

So the orthodox church petitioned government to stop a national yet pagan based festival -- on the charge that it would place "“Russia’s national security” at risk and “disintegrate our people".

Prime example of the sacralist mentality of the orthodox church!

A sacralist mentality is a cruel one. He who thinks of society or culture in a given territory needs to have everyone bound together by one particular version of religion, must of necessity annihilate all in that society and territory who believe differently.

It is exactly what brought on the 1260 years of spiritual darkness when the Catholic church dominated society.

It is a total misunderstanding what true worship is all about.

When the apostles and their disciples went out to preach, they "reasoned" with the people, opening scripture to them, and the people made a choice, to accept or reject. It was a free response to give their hearts and lives to Christ.

But once the papal church gained the support of armies and governments, people of Europe did not become Christians because they read the gospels and decided to accept their teachings. On the contrary, the people of Europe were forced into Christianity against their will, as a result of relentless military force. Thus yes, the church pushed OPEN paganism underground, though they absorbed a lot of it into their own false worship till many didn't see much difference -- it was just called by different names.

Those people that did read their Bibles and accepted Christ freely according to the gospels in scripture, were also relentlessly persecuted by the papal church sending out their armies and inquisitors to annihilate them.

The Orthodox Church, for hundreds of years was the STATE religion of first the eastern Roman empire under the "protection" of the eastern emperor, with Constantinople as it's "holy city" and when it fell, it moved to Russia (where many were already Orthodox Christians) and Orthodox Christianity became it's STATE religion, Moscow became the third "holy city" or the "third Rome".
They were firmly united with government -- a sacralist society, as long as the czar was in power.

Then came the "atheist" age of Russia.
Suddenly atheism became the state religion and the Orthodox Church and Christianity in general become regarded as " dangerous cults, trying to disintegrate our people from within, to strip it of its identity, spiritual support, with the help – free or involuntary – of irresponsible commercial structures.”

Then communism fell, and now the Orthodox are building up again in Russia and courting the political leadership to make them the STATE religion once again, and the result is INTOLERANCE for everyone except those who accept the STATE religion.

People just don't learn that to protect liberty of conscience is the duty of the State, and this is the limit of its authority in matters of religion. Every secular government that attempts to regulate or enforce religious observances by civil authority is sacrificing the very principle of Christianity. Enforced worship is USELESS worship, outward forms are "dead forms" pure legalism, not worship.

It is the church that has lost its spiritual power to witness for Christ and draw people to life changing, ennobling truth of the gospel, that ends up turning to government to enforce it's dogmas.

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