POLL: Covid Vaccine

Posted By: Daryl

POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/06/21 09:24 PM

Please answer the question in this POLL.

This is an anonymous poll.
Posted By: Daryl

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/09/21 12:18 PM

Bumping this for more votes.
Posted By: Matthew 10vs8

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/09/21 09:58 PM

NOT EVER GONNA TAKE THE 'VACCINE" (which is not a vaccine, by definition). Not so anonymous any more. I cannot stand all this secretive stuff.
Posted By: Rick H

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/19/21 01:03 PM

When they clearly have a vaccine which is safe and effective, I see no reason not to follow the directions of doctors and health experts. But right now it seems more of a tool of bringing in elements of control and spreading fear and panic to have people follow their man centered ideology and questionable directives.
Posted By: TheophilusOne

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/21/21 08:48 PM

when will we know when it is safe and effective?

I present you with a scenario. Please don't make it a political one. This is just a general what if, and what would you do?

Masks are very effective in protecting one another for catching the virus (not 100%), combined with social distancing
The vaccine is coming along which you believe is safe.

Put yourself in this situation;

Your country is faced with a pandemic. Masks, social distancing, and vaccines are recommended.
1st problem;Some of your people do not believe in a pandemic
2nd problem. Some folks feel it is their right not to wear masks because it infringes on their freedom.People have even been shot for trying to enforce this, even in their own establishment Others feel that putting them in harm's way is also a violation of rights.
Your country has developed a vaccine, and you have had luck in testing.
You offer it free to your countrymen.
Part of them take it, and others don't. Masks are still being used, and the number of "victims" is dropping.
It seems to bring about some normalcy. you then tell everyone the masks can come off if you are vaccinated, trusting that those who are not will continue to mask (Although in my experience, it was the folk who got vaccinated who continued to wear masks because of lack of trust.--but I digress.)
3rd problem Numbers are up again after the masks off issue, but those vaccinated have significantly lower signs of illness than the un vaccinated.
You repeatedly push for vaccine use. No change--meanwhile numbers inc again.
You believe that this vaccine is safe, and works, so you recommend that everyone get it.
Many businesses are now going to require it as well as a requirement for work, esp nursing homes and hospitals.

Leaving politics out of this (I have been biting my lips), what would you do?

If the peoples of your country would have continued to be masked and the number slowed, decreased, which was manifest apparently from the drop in cases, would you continue to require masks?

Again, not wanting to argue with so and so says this or that. This is just a what would you do sort of thing.
Posted By: ProdigalOne

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/22/21 05:59 AM

?At the recent Health Congress at Blackpool, a paper was read by Dr. Adler, Chief Rabbi of London, on the antiquity of sanitation, reference of course being made to the regulations found in the books of Moses. Those rules were given by the Lord Himself, and, when followed, produced the healthiest people that ever lived. Let it be noted, however, that inoculation was not included in the list of preventives of disease. Perfect cleanliness within as well as without the body, is the sum of the whole matter. Clean food, pure water, fresh air, plenty of sunlight, regular, muscular exercise, and a clean conscience, will ward off any plague known. It may be said that vaccination and inoculation have saved many lives. No doubt they have served a purpose, and will yet do so among people who find that course easier than keeping themselves thoroughly clean; but to fill one's body with death, as a means of warding off death, is unscriptural and unscientific.? October 5, 1899, EJW, PTUK 640.4
Posted By: Daryl

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/23/21 08:18 PM

Hoping for more votes in the POLL.
Posted By: Daryl

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 08/31/21 12:04 PM

Surely there are more than 6 users looking at this.

More votes please and thank you.
Posted By: Daryl

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 09/28/21 02:07 PM

I would like to see more votes in this poll.
Posted By: kland

Re: POLL: Covid Vaccine - 09/28/21 04:49 PM

Maybe we are afraid that gov spies will find out who voted what and come execute them?
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