Coercion and Conscience

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Coercion and Conscience - 08/08/21 02:29 AM

C0V1D Coercion and Conscience Meeting

Despite messages urging them to cancel the program, the Village Church in Berrien Springs will host a symposium on C0V1D Coercion and Conscience Aug 20,21. The symposium isn't so much about the VAXX but rather about medical autonomy and personal freedom of choice.
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 08/08/21 03:01 PM

Is medical autonomy and personal freedom of choice at serious risk of being taken away?
What would be the consequences of this loss of freedom?

Looking at some of the proposed plans should seriously alarm all, is this where we are heading in our society?

CDC Proposed shielding Plan
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 08/08/21 06:46 PM

Sounds like concentration camps and ghettos are back onthe menu, and have been. Thats the whole purpose of these plans, once the population concedes being allowed to get vaccinated, then that leads to digital id, those who refuse are not allowed to buy or sell, and will be segreegated. All in the name of biosecurity, cause apparently theere were no mutations until huge populations had already taken the vaccine. In fact Carnival cruises, who has its entire staff AND guests vaccinated has experienced outbreaks. The beast means business, big business.
God Bless,
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 08/09/21 05:24 AM

This sounds like late 30s Germany!

?Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings?
Updated July 26, 2020

What is the Shielding Approach1?
?The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (?high-risk?) and the general population (?low-risk?). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or ?green zones? established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting.1,2?They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.?

Timeline considerations
?Consideration: Plan for an extended duration of implementation time, at least 6 months.
Explanation: The shielding approach proposes that green zones be maintained until one of the following circumstances arises: (i) sufficient hospitalization capacity is established; (ii) effective vaccine or therapeutic options become widely available; or (iii) the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the population subsides.?

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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 09/13/21 05:32 PM

September 9, 2021 President Biden pushing strongly to bring in forced vaxination.

The president called for sweeping vaccine mandates for private and federal employees and contractors, teachers and health care workers. Employers with over one hundred workers will face fines of $14,000 each incident if they do not implement a mandate for vaccines and testing. The Administration is increasing spending to promote boosters and tests. It will use the ?full legal authority? of the Department of Education to insert itself into the sovereignty of the states? right to protect its own citizens and school children. It will deploy ?Federal Monoclonal Antibody Strike Teams? in partnership with HHS, FEMA, and the Department of Defense.

All of this, despite Biden?s campaign promise on December 4, 2020 that he ?wouldn?t demand it be mandatory.? In a press conference on July 23, 2021, when asked about a federal mandate, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed, ?That?s not the role of the federal government.? She reminded Americans, ?That?s the role that institutions, private sector entities, and others might take.?

Biden referred to the 80 million unvaccinated Americans as a threat. ?That 25% can cause a lot of damage.?

.. The White House plan is a massive overreach into states? rights. Health and welfare has never been the role of the federal government, and never will be. Governors across the country immediately mobilized to fight the federal power grab in their states. Biden declared: ?I?ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.? { GreenMedInfo Daily Newsletter

September 11, 2021}

Biden pushes vaccine mandate

The mandates are aiming to make it impossible for people to have jobs, enter any business place (store, restaurant) to shop, or other public places unless they get the shot.
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 09/19/21 02:07 PM

Trial begins over COVID-19 superspreader event at Austrian ski resort

Because of people like Sieglinde and Ullrich Schopf is why this world is in this mess and why we cannot return to normal (assuming that is an option).

And the people beg for tyranny...
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 09/27/21 08:48 PM

This is really the crux of the issue, it's about coercion. The root cause is not known, but we do know something is quite wrong with not only how this issue is being handled but also in terms of it's intent. I have many questions as we are living in the end times.
God Bless,
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 09/28/21 01:59 PM

The world is being conditioned for the big prophetic event as stated in the messages for the three angels of Revelation 14 and the loud strong cry of the angel of Revelation 18.
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 10/08/21 03:57 PM

"A Colorado hospital has denied a kidney transplant to a woman suffering from stage 5 renal failure because she and her donor have refused to take the experimental COVID vaccine."

But yet on main page, they have a message admitting that vaccination does NOT "keep our patients and staff safe". Masks required.
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 10/09/21 10:34 AM

If that woman dies, that hospital will be technically responsible for her death.
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 10/25/21 03:58 PM

"Vaccine hesitancy" - What an arrogant phrase!

They don't say, vaccine refusal or vaccine rejection. It's hesitancy. Meaning, they plan on owning you, it's just a matter of time. As Fauci had lied before, there will be no mandates. Then he says he was patient, but now there has to be mandates since people aren't getting injected.

Covid-19 vaccine mandates work, Dr. Anthony Fauci says We don't like to use force, but when you don't do what we say, we have to use force.

Because when you fire everyone who doesn't get the transfection injection, then you are left with a workforce that is 100% transfected. Wala!
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 10/27/21 05:47 PM

No matter what I think of the vaccine, or any vaccine, I am dead against coercion to take any vaccine.
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Re: Coercion and Conscience - 10/28/21 04:14 PM

That's the way it should be - each person can make their own choice as they see fit without condemning others for making their choices.
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