I just got this message on Facebook, I'd like to encourage anyone who is able to attend to go. Sady I can't but I went on one of their tours over the semester break of the 1983-84 school year while I was at the seminary and I still daily thank God for that trip and use what I learned on that trip. The tour guide is not an Adventist, but a Methodist Archaeologist, Dr. Jim Fleming, but he is moderate and has a lot of outstanding information that will make the Bible come alive and make you proud to be an Adventist. I hope everyone who can go will go it will greatly enrich your life:

Biblical Resources, LLC
Dear friends, I will be guiding a group to Israel in May 6-19, 2012, want to join me for the trip?

www.explorationsinantiquity.com, or www.biblicalresources.net,