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Re: Help: Responce to the Law is bondage. #20310
07/02/05 02:07 AM
07/02/05 02:07 AM
razorren  Offline OP
Full Member
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 275
Thanks friends,

This week was very intersting but also very testing...

The conversation ended with my co-worker (sits opposite me), finally saying that he believed that Adventists do not stand on God's Word, that we are not Spirit filled and we have a faulty foundation.

He indirectly stated that I because of the Sabbath I was putting God in a box because i could not show a Bible text that says Saturday is the Sabbath.

This made me feel vrey bad because I had been praying for him, but he seems even more hardened than when we first began.

But I also felt saddened in my spirt because I could see that when the time of persecution comes we as Adventists will be tested like never before. I could see that intellectual arguments and acusations will come from ALL sides. From friends and family. That the spiritual testing will try our faith and beliefs perhaps more than any physical trials ever could.

What did those Waldenses have that saw them through? What did all the persecuted during the reformation period have that saw them through?

My friends...none of us may be alive we our Lord returns. But if we are we had best be preparing now. A casual belief will not see us through! A casual faith will not see us through!

Let us ground ouselves in His Word like never before. Let us pray for His Spirit in our lives. Let us pray that He will raise our faith the levels never seen in this world.

[Pray or Praying or Prayer]

Rev 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Rev 22:20 ...Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


Re: Help: Responce to the Law is bondage. #20311
07/01/05 05:56 PM
07/01/05 05:56 PM
John Boskovic  Offline
Dedicated Member
Joined: Aug 2002
Posts: 1,196
He indirectly stated that I because of the Sabbath I was putting God in a box because i could not show a Bible text that says Saturday is the Sabbath.
That is rather odd reasoning. Saturday is a pagan name for the day, named by pagans most likely after the time of the scriptures, and even if not, it would not be a reference point for scripture names of days. The scripture does not name the pagan months of the year either, does that mean that we can dismiss the days of the year.

There are many languages in which the day is actually called “Sabbath”: Hebrew (obviously), All Slavic languages, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian, to name a few. I am sure other linguists should be able to tell us of more languages.

But I think it is a lame excuse. If you ask him on which day the Lord rose from the grave; I doubt that he will not readily say it was Sunday. Since the scripture plainly identifies it the first day of the week, it should be clear then which day is the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week.

Re: Help: Responce to the Law is bondage. #20312
07/01/05 06:25 PM
07/01/05 06:25 PM
Jan  Offline
Full Member
Joined: Nov 2004
Posts: 211
It sounds like your witness was more convincing to him than he wanted it to be. That's usually the way people react when they know deep down that they have heard the truth. That's pretty much what I did. When my husband read to me from the Bible I said, "I don't know why it says that, but that's not what my church teaches so it can't be right." How embarrassing! Keep praying for him, it's not over yet, and the Lord knows what will bloom from the seed you sowed.

That's so true, the time of trouble cannot be far away, and all this is preparation for that time. If we are to give account of our faith before kings and councils, then it's great that the Lord is training us now.

Re: Help: Responce to the Law is bondage. #20313
07/02/05 06:49 PM
07/02/05 06:49 PM
Cheri Fritz  Offline
Full Member
Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 278
Gloversville, NY, USA
Greetings Ren,

Christ time in the tomb:

Too often we are in such a worldly mode that we often forget the Lord's day of reckoning begins with evening and ends with morning. (See Genesis chapter one.)

Thursday evening at sunset = the sixth day of the week just opening up.
=1st day
Friday evening at sunset = the seventh day of the week just opening up.
=2nd day
Saturday evening at sunset = the first day of the week just opening up.
=3rd day

Be of good cheer, it is not important that we convict the souls to keep faith, for this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

I will share a story of my friend Sister P.

She is a faithful and humble woman, who always attends to her children and spouse. But when opportunity came, she would share about her faith in Christ Jesus with her neighbors.

Now there was one particular soul that would not consider much of anything that she said. So she entered into prayer. She prayed always for him. In fact twelve years went by before she was privileged to know that her prayers were heard. And amazingly this nieghbor finally inquired "Are you praying for me?"

So she asked, "Why do you ask?"

He answered "Because I feel your prayers."

Praise the Lord he was finally showing interest in knowing the Lord.

Keep praying,
Your Sister in Christ Jesus,
Cheri Fritz

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