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#185068 - 08/31/17 03:49 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure * [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2017
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Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2264
Loc: Canada
My comment: It appears that Ronald Bernard, an elite whistle-blower on the children sacrificing satanic practices, was found dead. The latest article seems to confirm that. It's very sad that many courageous whistle blowers like Ronald end up dead. I'm very grateful for their witness.

The Whistleblower Ronald Bernard Found dead



I had posted his first interview, but there's going to be 5 of them in total. Only 3 are currently made available on youtube. I'll relist them here as I think Bernard shares valuable information about the top elites and how they are organized and operate.

#185069 - 08/31/17 03:59 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2264
Loc: Canada
My comment : Good find and great financial news Stephen!...something I didn't see in any of my alternative news sources.

Russia gains independence from Babylon


Aug 29th, 2017

Russia’s President Putin has succeeded in freeing Russia from Rothschild slavery to the international banking system.

In June last year President Putin banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances,” and now, just over one year later, Putin has declared “total independence” from the global banking cartel and Rothschild international money lending organizations.

Declaring the achievement the “greatest gift” that can be given to future generations, Putin hosted a party in the Kremlin to celebrate the achievement.

“They said we couldn’t do it, they said we would be destroyed,” Putin told staff and senior associates. “Our future generations will be born without Rothschild chains around their wrists and ankles.”

“This is the greatest gift we can give them.”


This is why Putin has been condemned by the Fakestream Media, and it is why Russia is considered an “enemy” of the USA. He is really an enemy to what we know as Mystery Babylon, but our political leaders consider Babylon to be the USA. After all, Babylon conquered this country in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed, bringing us into one of the final stages of beast captivity.

Most people do not understand Bible prophecy, so they are largely unaware of what is really going on in the world today, and they are susceptible to the lies from the Department of Propaganda. I believe that Russia and China are the modern “kings from the east” mentioned in Revelation 16:12, who are setting the stage for the overthrow of Mystery Babylon. (The original “kings” were Cyrus of Persia and Darius the Mede, who overthrew the original Babylon.) Iran is ancient Persia, so as an ally of both Russia and China, Iran too is playing a role in the overthrow of Babylon. That is why western Babylonian governments consider Iran to be an enemy.

I also believe that the last few months of 2017 will be crucial in the overthrow of Mystery Babylon, and that this will continue into 2018. Many changes are about to occur, but if you know and believe the promises of God and the divine plan revealed in prophecy, then you will have the strength to stand in the face of chaos.
#185070 - 08/31/17 04:18 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
Active Member 2017
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Registered: 12/13/08
Posts: 2264
Loc: Canada
My comment : More Stephen comments on Hurricane Harvey and the financial implication of this event. I'm not quoting the whole articles but an extracted portion of it.

Aug 28 : The descent into chaos

"Keep in mind that Haggai’s prophecy of the great shaking probably has nothing to do with Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane has certainly “shaken” people in Texas, but I think this prophecy will be fulfilled by an earthquake, which will then cause a political and economic earthquake. When watching for signs of the fall of Mystery Babylon, an earthquake is much more likely to be the sign of both Haggai 2:6, 7 and Revelation 16:18.

"So I believe that there is much more to come. The good news is that with the fall of Babylon is also coming the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit to fill the void left by the collapsing world system and the exposure of its corruption and oppression."

Trump Pardons Sheriff Arpaio

Another media-made scandal is now being promoted by the Fakestream Media. President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, who had been convicted of a misdemeanor. He committed the crime of enforcing the law in regard to illegal immigration in Arizona. Enforcing immigration laws became a serious crime under the Obama administration.

I understand that there are times when man-made laws run contrary to God’s law. I disagree with many laws in America. Much will change when the Kingdom of God is established. In the case of immigration laws, I can find no such laws in Scripture, where the only illegal immigrant is one who refuses to abide by the laws of Israel—that is, God’s laws. The problem with our immigration laws is that we allow non-believers to come in who have no intention of submitting to Jesus Christ and His laws. They come to change the laws to conform to their own religious system or philosophy.

That is the deeper problem which has never been addressed in US history. And that is why the USA is not (yet) a Kingdom nation. At best, we were created as a Christian Nation, as the Supreme Court justice David Brewer ruled in 1892.


But President Obama declared that we were no longer a Christian nation.


Obama was right, of course, insofar as present-day America is concerned. That is the problem. But a Christian nation is not necessarily a Kingdom nation. All Christians nations in the past were run by men and functioned by the traditions of men—men’s interpretations of the divine law. Such interpretations have been fatally flawed from the beginning. So while I might generally support the idea of a Christian nation as the best form of government that men can buy, I am looking for something better. A Kingdom nation is not possible apart from the rule of Jesus Christ as King along with the overcomers.

This is, in fact, what the coming Age holds for us. That is the goal of God’s judgment upon Mystery Babylon, which is now beginning to happen. When it does, then immigration will be restricted to those who are willing to submit to the King and to be obedient to His laws. Such a restriction may also exclude some Christians who give themselves the right to violate whatever laws they disagree with. (See Luke 13:28.)

But getting back to Sheriff Arpaio, he was attempting to enforce Congressional mandates that were long-standing. The Obama Doctrine says that the president has the right to ignore any law that he disagrees with and to persecute anyone who continues trying to enforce the law. Right now it is unclear whether the Obama Doctrine applies to presidents of either party. In fact, that is being tested right now, for the Fakestream Media is implying that Republican President Trump does not share that same right.

As he left office in 2001, Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, who was one the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list, because he was a generous contributor to the Clinton political campaigns.


Yet the media is “shocked” that President Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, calling it an endorsement of racism. Both Clinton and Trump had the Constitutional right to pardon whoever they please, but Clinton was treated as a statesman, though he pardoned a notorious felon, whereas Trump will be treated as a criminal for pardoning a man trying in his own way to uphold the law.

The Nixon Doctrine says, "If the president orders it, that makes it legal." Nixon made that statement in an interview with David Frost.


This is a derivative of the Divine Right of Kings, applied to American presidents, as if they were kings. The Obama Doctrine is a further derivative of the Nixon Doctrine, setting forth the idea that the President is above the law and has the right to ignore it “if the president orders it.” Obama then began to enforce his own doctrine by targeting Sheriff Arpaio, who refused to submit to the new presidential Doctrine.

If this Obama Doctrine is allowed to remain, then Nixon will be vindicated. Is that really what the American people want? How can we credibly call ourselves “a nation of laws,” when those laws can be changed by presidential decrees?

Anyway, in my view, God is exposing the heart of the beast. There is great discontent right now, and the nation is divided. We are in the process of tearing ourselves apart, because there is too much diversity. Diversity is good, as long as we can agree on certain fundamental principles by which governments remain stable. Those fundamental principles, when you dig down to examine their roots, are always religious in nature, whether we like to admit it or not.

God Himself is bringing this age to a close, and He is the ultimate cause of this instability. If God did nothing, we would all be united in our lawlessness and “freedom” to sin until we simply destroyed ourselves. But the beast systems were given a limited contract, and we are now at the end of that “seven times” contract. To the Babylonians, that is bad news. To us, it is good news.

Aug 28 : More Thoughts on Harvey
The tropical depression which later grew into Hurricane Harvey began on Thursday, August 17 as it came into the Caribbean Sea south of the Gulf of Mexico. It crossed the Yucatan Peninsula on August 23, emerging at 7:00 a.m. in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. From there is intensified quickly and within 2 days it was a Category 4 Hurricane that hit Rockport, TX just 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, TX.

I found a weather report online that was dated August 23, 2017.


Harvey is likely to survive its journey and reach the southwestern Gulf of Mexico at midweek [i.e., August 23].

"Another opportunity for regeneration and strengthening may take place over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico from Wednesday to Friday," Kottlowski said. [August 23-25]

On July 4, 2017 I first mentioned a word that God had given me to being preparing for a prayer campaign on August 23. Its main purpose was “protection,” but I was given no further details. I mentioned this at the end of my report:

Our heavenly Father is leading us to hold a prayer campaign on August 23, 2017. I do not know much about it yet, but so far we understand that this will be designed to pray for protection for God’s people during the fall of Babylon that is coming. This would also include protection in the midst of physical disasters.

This world is a dangerous place, and it is getting to be more dangerous each year. There is hardly a place that is safe, at least from the natural view. So we should not think in terms of safety, but in being where God wants us to be. That is always the safest place to be.


Now that the date has come and gone, things are much clearer. I had thought this might refer to an earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific Northwest, but that event is yet to come, I believe. Meanwhile, the flooding in Texas is “a sign of Noah.” In Noah’s day, after the first week of rain, they called it a 500-year flood. After two weeks, it was a 1000-year flood. After that, the presses went silent.

Our prayer campaign was designed to pray for protection upon those in Texas who are affected by the rain.

Harvey seems to be in no hurry to leave Texas. Usually, hurricanes move on, and things go back to normal. This time, however, the rains continue, and as time goes on, it is resembling more and more Noah’s flood. I think NOAA might even rename this storm after itself!


For many years I have taught that Noah’s flood removed the spirit/breath from man, but that there is another flood coming—a flood of the Holy Spirit—that will put His Spirit back into man. The day of Pentecost in Acts 2 was a partial fulfillment of this prophecy. The greater work is yet coming, as Habakkuk 2:14 prophesies,

14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Noah’s flood was commemorated by Psalm 8, which prophesies how some day all things will be put under the feet of Christ (Psalm 8:6). Paul quotes this a number of times in the New Testament, speaking of the Restoration of All Things. (See 1 Corinthians 15:27, 28; Hebrews 2:8). By divine providence, Psalm 8 was the first passage of Scripture that I ever memorized. I was in first grade, but it established the foundations of my ministry as time passed.

The psalms are divided into five books, one for each of the books of the Pentateuch. This is recognized in the NASB. In the Genesis Book of Psalms (Psalms 1-41), each psalm correlates with a story in Genesis. Psalm 1 is about Adam in the Garden; Psalm 2 is about Cain killing Abel. Psalm 7 is about the flood. Psalm 8 is the aftermath of the flood, when Noah steps out into a new world.

But David wrote Psalm 8 to commemorate his victory over Goliath. Goliath represents the oppressive governments of the earth. So Hurricane Harvey is designed prophetically to give us victory over the modern Goliath—the Babylonian system that is ruled in secret by the descendants of the Nephilim.

Harvey is a type of the new flood of Noah, but also connects with David’s victory over Goliath, prophesying what is happening in 2017 as we near the end of the Babylonian beast system. In that sense, our prayer campaign was designed to build an ark for the people of faith. The Ark is Jesus Christ. All other boats tend to leak.

There is plenty of room in our Ark. All are welcome.

Aug 29th : Harvey moving to New Orleans
Harvey has returned to tropical storm status as it moved back into the warm waters of the Gulf. The longer it stays there, the more water it picks up from the Gulf, depositing it as rain in Texas and Louisiana. Harvey strengthened to 50 mph winds again and is expected to move slowly northeast, dumping 5-10 inches of rain on New Orleans.


Unfortunately, all the water pumps in New Orleans have broken down in the last two weeks, and they have no way to pump water out of the city. After Katrina, the federal government gave them $2 billion to fix the pumps. They said they needed $9 billion. So they compromised and built casinos instead.

As if Hurricane Katrina in 2005 wasn’t enough, it appears that New Orleans is in for another catastrophic flood. It will be interesting to see how many people move out before the flooding begins, and how many will remain to be trapped in the city again as they wait for the government to rescue them.

Harvey could well become the most expensive hurricane in US history. Coming at a time when the nation runs out of money and when Congress has to decide on raising the debt limit, this is not a good time for extra expenses. Do you recall when the US reached its debt limit of $20.1 trillion last March? How have they been functioning for the last six months? Why has the US not run out of money?

The answer is that they “found” money lying around unused. Really? What money? Well, they decided to raid the government workers’ pension funds, figuring that they would just replace the money later when the debt ceiling was raised. That is why the US won’t run out of money until September 30.

But now we are coming to the next big showdown as Congress debates raising the debt ceiling. “I will vote to raise the debt ceiling, if you vote for my favorite project.” Even Trump is threatening to veto any increase in the debt ceiling if the budget does not include funding for the border wall. He has yet to learn that if Congress calls his bluff, he will lose far more than Congress loses. He will end up being the lightning rod once again. Those who are trying to present Trump as “mentally ill” will only get more support from those who know it is a lie, but will use it as an excuse anyway.

No one thought Trump was mentally ill until he won the presidency.

The real solution to the debt is first to declare a Jubilee and reset the system. Secondly, the Federal Reserve needs to be nationalized, so that the government does not need to borrow in order to put money into circulation. We should be using Treasury Notes, not Federal Reserve Notes. But that would also release us from bondage to the banksters. When that happens, it will be a major sign of the end of our captivity.

Aug 30th : Harvey's aftermath and walking by faith

Scenes from flooded highways and flooded shelters in Houston are now hitting the news. The authorities know of 30 dead so far, but like we saw with Katrina in New Orleans 12 years ago, the death toll is going to be much higher as more bodies are found.


Estimates are now reaching $160 billion. If it gets any higher, we’ll be talking about real money. I have yet to see anyone overestimate the damage from a hurricane or any natural disaster. Further, the lost business activity, the destroyed businesses, the lost labor, will probably never be calculated properly. This is a multi-trillion dollar disaster.

First it was the wind, then the rain, then the flooding, then lack of food and water, and now disease. And all of this is the short-term damage. Many can overcome such things for a short time, but this is not a short-term disaster. Next will be the political damage as the government debates the debt ceiling in the context of Hurricane Harvey.

Americans (and anyone else living in Socialist countries) have learned to depend upon their government to save them. But as I said when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the government is overwhelmed by these disasters. People want the problems solved within a few days or a week, but it takes a week just to get started. New Orleans lost a quarter of its population. Many of them moved to Houston. Once they got settled and put their children in school, it was not likely that they would ever move back to New Orleans.

Now the same thing is happening to Houston. The difference is that New Orleans was only a small city. Houston is vastly larger, and that makes the problem even worse. If the US government could not respond to Hurricane Katrina, how is it going to deal with Harvey?

Most people live from paycheck to paycheck. Harvey has not only forced people to stay home without pay, but it has also destroyed countless businesses where they were employed. It will take time for these businesses to rebuild—if they ever recover. Few people can afford to wait to get their jobs back. How many people will have no choice but to move to another city, just like so many did when Katrina struck New Orleans?

In another month, when the US government claims it will “run out of money,” how will the people react to Republican foot-dragging when it comes to raising the debt ceiling and passing a budget? Anyone who threatens to shut down the government will be run over by the train. If Trump insists on threatening to veto a budget deal if the Mexican wall is not funded, he will be run over as well. There is simply no feasible way to stand in the way of the hyperinflation train that is coming.

I suspect, too, that Harvey is not the only natural disaster that is coming. I think it is just the beginning. A second disaster would seal the deal. One can only imagine how widespread fear causes people to react. The result would be revolutionary.

I can only hope that our readers, at least, have been built up in faith to levels sufficient to overcome fear. If you do not live a life of faith, if you call upon faith only in times of need, if you do not have a sense of God’s presence with you at all times, then it is likely that you could react in fear along with the rest of the “normal” population.

We are not called to be part of the problem, but part of the solution. We are not called to compete with others for provisions, but to share what we have with those in need. We are not called to “survive,” but are called to exhibit the life of Christ. We are not called to cope, but to overcome. We are not put into dire circumstances so that we might despair with the others, for we hope in a God that we know personally, One who has led us thus far in our daily lives and who will not leave us as we walk through disaster around us.

I fully expect to hear reports of miracles from Houston and other places after things settle down. I received such reports after Katrina as well in 2005. Remember that the judgments of God are not directed at the saints, but at the oppressive systems of men who keep people enslaved. The judgments of God on Babylon are designed to set us free, to sweep away that which stands in the way of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

#185071 - 08/31/17 04:55 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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My comment : There's lots of news right now. It's hard to keep up.
I have 5 interesting articles from Zerohedge.

Jim Willie has been predicting about Saudi's Aramco partial sale to China as a coming game changer.

Aug 29th : The Aramco IPO: A Geopolitical Game Of Thrones

Aug 29th : Russia Backpedals On Bitcoin - Unveils Plan To Ban Cryptocurrency Sales To "Ordinary People"

Aug 29th : Israel Threatens To Bomb Assad's Presidential Palace

Aug 31th : Brandon Smith: "Sorry, Joe Biden - The 'Soul' Of America Is Conservative"

Aug 31th : "People Are So Afraid Of Google Now": Here's Why
#185072 - 08/31/17 07:08 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
ProdigalOne Offline
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Loc: Alberta, Canada
Originally Posted By: Elle
My comment : This is highly interesting relating to the coming great sign in the heaven : the eclipse on Monday, Aug 21. This eclipse leads to the 2nd great sign in the heaven on Sept 23 when the Virgin(virgo) giving birth to Jupiter (“The King’s Planet”).

The seven Salems affected by the coming Eclipse

Stephen Jones
Aug 19th, 2017

There are 7 cities called “Salem” that will be affected by the solar eclipse on August 21.


1. Salem, Oregon

2. Salem, Idaho

3. Salem, Wyoming (not mentioned on most maps; just on Google Earth)

4. Salem, Nebraska

5. Salem, Missouri

6. Salem, Kentucky

7. Salem, South Carolina

What does this signify? Well, first of all, Salem is the Hebrew word for “peace.” Jerusalem, or Ieru-salem means “City of Peace.”

An eclipse has never been a positive sign throughout history. It has always been seen as a sign of judgment or death in some manner. So we might interpret this to mean the death of peace, or peace being taken from the earth.

I recall when the Concorde crashed in Paris on July 25, 2000, and I heard the word, “Peace has been taken from the earth.” The pilot’s name was Christian Marti (“martyr”). At the same time, the peace talks between Israeli Prime Minister Barak and Palestinian leader, Yassir Arafat, collapsed when they could not agree over the status of Jerusalem. And so, 414 days later, on September 11, 2001, peace was indeed taken from the earth, and America entered into a perpetual state of war known as the “war on terror.” In reality, it was the start of the new Reign of Terror within the US government itself, much like what happened in the French Revolution from 1789-1794. The Deep State loves to control the narrative by calling things the opposite of what they really are.

This peace-destroying eclipse may also refer to the earthly Jerusalem itself. Though the eclipse will not be visible in Jerusalem, it is visible in seven cities of Salem here in the USA.

Witches love eclipses, because they signify the light being cut off and plunging the world into darkness. There are little known energies in times like these that witches love to harness for their own devious purposes. So there is no doubt that many of them will be meeting to pray to their gods and cast spells and hexes.

We ourselves have a divine court date at the same time (August 21) to repent and to oppose the powers of darkness. We have noticed recently that the powers of darkness are starting to come to the surface where they can be discerned and dealt with. Then two days later, August 23, will be our Renewing the Covenant prayer campaign.

If you recall from Secrets of Time, Abraham was born 1948 years from Adam. The covenant with Abraham was made when he was 70 years old—the year 2018 from Adam. Our year 2018 begins on September 21, 2017, just two days before the next great sign in the heavens, the Virgin giving birth to Jupiter (“The King’s Planet”).

The 40 days from 1 Elul to 10 Tishri are known in traditional Judaism as The Season of Teshuvah, “repentance.” Specifically, the people were to repent for worshiping the golden calf while Moses was in the Mount receiving the Ten Commandments. Teshuvah celebrates the 40 days of Israel’s repentance while Moses was in the Mount receiving the second set of tablets (Ten Commandments) in Exodus 34.

The final ten days from Rosh Hoshana (1 Tishri) to Yom Kippur (10 Tishri) are known as the Days of Awe. They are final ten days of Teshuvah, introducing the New Year.


This year these 40 days extend from August 23 (our prayer campaign) until September 30 (Day of Atonement). It begins with our renewal of the New Covenant, as if we ourselves were going back up the Mount to receive the law written on our hearts. Meanwhile, the church is called to repent during that time, so that the glory will not be veiled once again by the Old Covenant. The veil of the Old Covenant must be removed in order to remove the blindness upon the people, as Paul explains in 2 Corinthians 3:13-18.

Paul says in verse 17 that it is only when this veil is removed that we can find true liberty. So we are not going into this prayer campaign to establish more veils, but to remove them. Hence, it is critical that we understand the terms of the New Covenant. Even as Moses returned from the Mount with the new tables of the law, so also the New Covenant is not lawless. The same law is written, but this time it is on our hearts (Hebrews 8:10), rather than on external tables of stone.

In other words, the distinction is not between law and grace, but between man’s vow and God’s vow. Who is responsible to fulfill the divine plan? Is it done by the will of man or by the will of God? Is it by the will of the flesh or by the will of the Spirit? Is it fulfilled by the power of flesh that has been begotten by blood line, or is it fulfilled by the power of the New Creation Man that has been begotten by the Spirit?

Which Jerusalem will prevail? Will it be the earthly Jerusalem, which the prophets denounced as “The Bloody City,” or will it be the New Jerusalem? Or, to use Paul’s allegory, will Hagar-Jerusalem be the “mother” of the Kingdom, or will it be Sarah-New Jerusalem?

In my view the eclipse over the seven Salems speaks of judgment coming upon the earthly, fleshly Jerusalem in order to allow the heavenly Jerusalem to bring forth the inheritors of the Kingdom.

These are the essential issues of the prayer campaign that must be established before the veil can be removed.

Preparing for a prayer campaign

"This eclipse leads to the 2nd great sign in the heaven on Sept 23 when the Virgin(virgo) giving birth to Jupiter (“The King’s Planet”). "

I'm not sure if these are your words Elle, or if you are quoting the false prophet
Stephen Jones?

"In my view the eclipse over the seven Salems speaks of judgment coming upon the earthly, fleshly Jerusalem in order to allow the heavenly Jerusalem to bring forth the inheritors of the Kingdom."

Stephen Jones

"There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,
Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.
For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD..."

Deuteronomy 18:10-12

"Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, wherein thou hast laboured from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail.
Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.
Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame..."

Isaiah 47:12-14

Elle, are you and false prophet/teacher Stephen Jones so far gone that you are daring to attempt to place God's stamp of approval on your use of "observation of times/astrology" by labelling it a "sign"?

Do not accuse me of judging you, it is God's Holy Unchanging Word that judges you:

"Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame..."

Please Elle, before it is too late, turn away from these blind and wicked teachers;
flee from these lawbreakers and their idols of silver and gold who have beguiled you!

"...I will not forget you.
Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of [my] hands..."

Isaiah 49:15-16
#185077 - 09/01/17 02:25 AM Re: A new Global Economic Restructure [Re: Elle]
Elle Offline
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My comment : 2 recent interesting moving of the Holy Spirit. The first is Victoria White singing "We want revival....we want to see your kingdom here". I think her prayer-song will be fulfilled!

The second, is huge......the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan Declares Jesus Is His Redeemer. Check out his witness!

God's Spirit is on the move!

1. Lifting spirits: Texas woman breaks out into incredible gospel performance inside Hurricane Harvey shelter


By Kelly Mclaughlin For Mailonline and Associated Press
30 August 2017

Victoria White sang to evacuees at the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe, Texas
White was filmed singing with others at the shelter amid rows of beds and cots
Massive flooding from Harvey forced thousands of evacuees into shelters
More than 13,000 people have been rescued in the Houston area and surrounding parts of Southeast Texas as Harvey ravaged the region

Gospel singers broke out in song at a Texas convention center on Tuesday night as the performers tried to lift spirits after thousands were evacuated from their homes during Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey.

Victoria White, along with Marquist Taylor and several others, sang to evacuees at the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe, Texas, north of Houston.

Massive flooding from Harvey forced thousands of rescues that overwhelmed emergency responders as convention centers, churches and even mattress stores opened their doors to people needing shelter during the storm.

Victoria White, along with several others, sang to evacuees at the Lone Star Expo Center in Conroe, Texas, north of Houston +6
She sang amid beds and cots at the shelter as several people watched +6

White was filmed singing at the Lone Star Expo Center amid rows of beds and cots at the shelter by volunteer Joni Villemez-Comeaux.
'This woman's powerful voice, singing praise, lifted the Spirit of all within earshot,' she wrote on Facebook of White's performance.
She added: 'Hard to believe but close to a million people have already viewed this beautiful Soul spreading her gift. You're such a blessing.'

2. Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan Declares Jesus Is His Redeemer, Says Devil Can't Have Him


Aug 25th, 2017

By Leonardo Blair , Christian Post Reporter

Reflecting on his inevitable physical death, leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, 84, declared in a controversial video recording Tuesday that Jesus will save him from the grip of death despite his organization's creed that there is only "One God whose proper Name is Allah."

The declaration came the same day Farrakhan was shown visiting Bishop Larry Trotter, longtime pastor of Chicago's Sweet Holy Spirit Church, who was hospitalized last Wednesday with a "serious illness" following a trip to Israel.

"I thank God for guiding me for 40 years absent my teacher (Elijah Muhammad). So my next journey will have to answer the question. I'm gonna say it," Farrakhan teased briefly in the clip before declaring: "I know that my redeemer liveth."

"I know. I'm not guessing that my Jesus is alive. I know that my redeemer liveth and because he lives I know that I, too, will pass through the portal of death yet death will not afflict me," he continued.

The official creed of the Nation of Islam blends teachings from the Quran and "the Scriptures of all the Prophets of God." Even though the Nation of Islam also claims to believe in the "truth of the Bible" the religious group also believes the Bible has been "tampered with" and reinterprets Scripture to avoid "falsehoods."

In the clip shared on Tuesday, Farrakhan appears to repent for the things that he has been teaching.

"So I say to the devil. I know I gotta pay a price for what I've been teaching all these years. You can have the money, you can have the clothes, you can have the suit, you can have the house but me, you can't have," he declared.

The Christian Post reached out to the Nation of Islam for comment on the video Friday and was directed to Farrakhan's official spokesperson, Richard Muhammad, editor of the Final Call newspaper. A message left with a representative of the publication for Muhammad was not returned. Other Nation of Islam officials contacted for this report also promised to provide a response to explain what Farrakhan meant in his comments but they did not respond by press time.

The Nation of Islam believes that Allah "appeared in the person of master W. Fard Muhammad, July 1930; the long-awaited 'Messiah' of the Christians and the 'Mahdi' of the Muslims," according to their website. Very little was known publicly, however, of the obscure "Messiah," according to a 1974 Chicago Tribune report.

"The Black Muslim movement came into being around 1930. Its first apostle was Wallace D. Fard, or Wallace Fard Muhammad, a salesman of silks, incense, and perfumes in the Detroit ghetto who is remembered variously as a light-skinned black man, a light-skinned Arab, and a white man," the report said.

The last man to see Fard alive was his successor and Farrakhan's teacher, Elijah Muhammad.

"Few can tell at this point, since Fard has not been seen since 1934 when he took off in an airplane from the Detroit airport. The man who saw him off, by his own testimony, was Elijah Muhammad [born Elijah Poole, the son of a Georgia Baptist minister], who assumed Fard's mantle and mission," the report said.

In the 1970s there were as many as 2 million adherents to the brand of Islam taught by Wallace F. Muhammad, according to the Tribune. Lawrence A. Mamiya, a professor of religion and African studies at Vassar College, estimated that Nation of Islam followers number about 50,000, according to a 2007 New York Times report. Much of that number was made up of prisoners attracted to the religion's emphasis on black identity and fighting racism. A small number of adherents can also be found in England and the Caribbean.

In August 2006, health problems forced Farrakhan to give control of the Nation of Islam to an executive committee. Radiation seeds implanted in the minister 10 years earlier to fight prostate cancer had gotten rid of the disease but he sustained damage to nearby organs.

It was suggested at the time that without Farrakhan, the now 87-year-old Nation of Islam would likely fade with no apparent successor.

In an earlier clip of Farrakhan speaking to congregants at New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 17, 2015, he appeared to be drawing closer to Jesus in the winter of his life.

"The Jesus that I know, he came into the world to save us from our sins. O thank you Jesus," he said.

"They say, 'wait a minute Farrakhan, I thought you was a Muslim? Yeah, Jesus was too," he said in a clearly false reach. Jesus was born a Jew.

"You never read in the Bible where Jesus said 'I'm a Christian.'... He didn't say it in Matthew, He didn't say it in Mark, He didn't say it in Luke, He didn't say it in John. Well, what are you fighting over? 'I don't wanna go hear Farrakhan 'cause he ain't no Christian. He don't love Jesus,'" Farrakhan said mimicking his critics.

"Stop lying. I can prove to you that you don't love Him. He said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life.' He never said he was Episcopalian or Catholic, but He is universal. Why do you fight each other over names He never used?

"Jesus said not my will but thy will be done. Listen to His Words. Whatsoever the Father bid me to say, that I say and whatever the Father bid me to do, that I do. That's the perfect description of what Islam is. It means entire submission to do the will of God," he said.

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My comment: As we can see that one of Mystery Babylon's agenda is to bring the population to accept Luciferian worship and sacrifices. Children sacrifices has long been the main sacrifice in the Luciferian worship. But the luciferian have many other "milder" types of sacrifices so to gradually introduce an uninitiated into their religion. Below is an example of one of the "milder" sacrifices that is turned into a big Festival. Around 70,000 people from all around the world came to attend this festival. Most people that attended didn't think this was going to be for real....but rather that this festival is for FUN.

This event was followed by Stephen Jones who comment about it in 3 posts.

Aug 30 : Burning Man festival in Nevada gets a dusting
In 2006 the movie The Wicker Man came out, starring Nicolas Cage.


I saw the movie, and it was easy to see that it was a movie depicting a satanic ritual of “the burning man.” So now the Satanists have put together a festival of “arts” based on this. The Burning Man Festival is going on now in Nevada, but it seems that a dust storm has descended upon them in an ominous sign. I am reminded how Hurricane Katrina interrupted the Southern Decadence LGBT festival in 2005.


Amid the madness of this year's psychedelic symposium at Black Rock Desert, Burning Man participants on Tuesday found themselves absorbing the brunt of a punishing dust storm…

Among the pictures in the article, we read this caption:

Burning Man participants cling to the top of a 20 foot high art project pyramid tower called 'The Tower of Babel' in the midst of a driving desert dust storm.

Another caption under the picture of an owl says:

Burning Man participant Lauren Rock (R) throws her bouquet after she married Bob Peterson (L) in front of the 'Mucaro' owl art project.

This owl is similar to the owl that is seen at the satanic Bohemian Grove ceremonies each year, attended by many political world leaders and high-level bankers and other businessmen. They sacrifice an effigy as well to get people used to the idea of human sacrifice, in hopes of making such religious rituals acceptable once again.

The Cremation of Care is a ritual performance undertaken at the yearly Bohemian Grove club, where a human effigy is sacrificed to an approximate 40ft stone owl. It is argued that the ritual is conducted because club members (often high ranking businessmen and politicians wearing hooded robes), will be involved in unethical business deals and corrupt political decisions in the coming year and want to rid themselves of any internal guilt.

They are cremating (getting rid of) their care (morals). Though it is also argued that care represents the “cares of the world” and that the ritual has a more innocent and positive purpose. Others interpret it as members simply “letting their hair down” and partying without a “care”.


In recent years Satanism has begun to come out of the closet, with immoral festivals claiming to be “art” or “fun” or other poor excuses for attracting people to their murderous ways. As usual, sex is used as a drawing card to attract the lawless, immoral ones who do not realize how they are being trapped by their own desire to sin.

Sept 3: Human sacrifice at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada

Billed as an arts and music festival, the Satanists would hardly want to put their human sacrifice on display for the world to see. But what about doing it in a way in which they could claim that it wasn’t their fault?

When they burned their effigy, a man ran into the flames as a self-sacrifice. We do not know if he volunteered for the job or if he was instructed (or even brainwashed) into doing it. But the effect is the same. No doubt the man understood the real significance of the Burning Man idea and knew that it was about human sacrifice.

In my opinion, the Satanists are desperately trying to maintain control over their crumbling Babylonian empire.


Emergency services bravely tried to rescue a festival-goer who ran straight into the Burning Man during Nevada's famous arts and music festival.

Approximately 70,000 people from all over the world have gathered for the annual Burning Man festival, which is taking place in the Black Rock Desert.

But crowds were horrified when one reveller made a beeline for the giant wooden effigy and was engulfed by the flames.

He had to dodge a number of rangers and law enforcement personnel in order to reach the fire, which stretches approximately 50 feet into the air.

Sept 6 : Follow up on the Burning Man festival
I wrote earlier how the Burning Man festival in Nevada represents human sacrifice, but since it is such a public event, they have to burn an effigy, rather than a real person. But a man then ran into the flames in order to give it some reality. Whether he was brainwashed by some satanic cult or drugged, we will probably never know for sure. Even so, it is clear that this act was designed to create more sin and thereby increase the potency of their satanic prayer rituals.

The man was rescued by firefighters, but he later died anyway, according to news reports.


A man rescued from the flames at the Burning Man festival's signature burning of a towering effigy has died after being airlifted to a hospital.

Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen said the man ran through a human-chain of security officers at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday during the Man Burn event at the counter-culture festival.

The sheriff said the man was rescued by firefighters and later died at the UC Davis hospital burn center in California.

The Daily Mail published many photos of the festival, but one was removed later—but not before someone got a screen shot of it. The photo that was removed was of an abraxis:


An abraxas is a gnostic idea. Gnosticism was founded by Simon Magus, mentioned in Acts 8:9.


The seven letters spelling its name may represent each of the seven classic planets. The word may be related to Abracadabra, although other explanations exist.

There are similarities and differences between such figures in reports about Basilides's teaching, ancient Gnostic texts, the larger Greco-Roman magical traditions, and modern magical and esoteric writings. Opinions abound on Abraxas, who in recent centuries has been claimed to be both an Egyptian god and a demon. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung transcribed a short Gnostic treatise in 1916, attributed to Basilides in Alexandria called The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which called Abraxas the supreme power of being transcending both God and the Devil and unites all opposites into one Being.

It is no coincidence that this so-called music and arts festival would be religious in nature, tracing back to the Gnostic religion. Gnosticism was a mix of all religions, even bringing some Christian themes into it, which they reinterpreted in a way that supported their own mystery religious traditions.

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My comment : Here's an interesting 2003 article with many evidences collected showing that the Mossad is potentially behind 9-11.

2003 : Mossad and Moving Companies: Masterminds of Global Terrorism


By which the 9-11 incident opened the door to all of the Middle East Wars as leaked by General Wesley Clark in the article and video below.

Article : Global Warfare: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..

My comment : Today we see that this bringing down 7 countries in 5 years counting from 9-11 2001 has desperately failed. They did not succeed in 5 years nor have they come any closer after 16 years of wars.

Do take note that Russia's intervention in helping the Syrian in the war only began in Sept 2015. That's 14 years after Mystery Babylon plans started to bring down 7 countries in 5 years. So we cannot say that Russia was the reason they have failed. They were seriously failing before hands (by the Sovereign hand of God). However, Russia's 2015 aid did quickly reduced the ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, etc... terrorist threats in many countries to the point that today, in 2017, these terrorist groups are practically eradicated from these countries and is almost a non-existent treat.

Today the US military and their European allies are hardly active in supporting ISIS in the Middle East wars since Russia has come to help Syria. However, we now see that Israel-Mossad is becoming desperate. They are trying to keep these wars up. Below are a few recent articles about their latest activities.

Sept 7 : Did Benjamin Netanyahu Just Panic?

Sept 7 : Israel's Geopolitical Reality Check

Sept 8 : Israel Launches Air Strikes On Syria And Assad's "Waiting Game"

Sept 13 : Israel officially supports the creation of a Kurdish state
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