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Bible Study
Yesterday at 01:09 PM
Scripture testifies that the 24 Elders ascended to heaven when Jesus resurrected and ascended to the throne of God.

We see the vivid picture of their position in Rev. 4-5 as a close-up view specifies. The 24 Elders followed Jesus to sit on the throne as indicated in the wave sheaf offering at the feast day of the OT in Lev. 23.

In the light of this, John saw the throne, and one sitting implied Trinity's presence. The "one sat" on the throne does not mean only the Father God. In the close-up, the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world is there in the midst of the throne and is found worthy of losing the seven-sealed book.

In Rev. 4, "a throne" was first introduced, expanding its view in subsequent texts and chapters.

The text, "in the midst of the throne" (Rev. 4:6), implies there is One in the middle and the Others in His right and left sides. The same idea repeats in Rev. 5:6, "in the midst of the throne," which indicates One sat on the throne is the Lamb that was slain.

It is more apparent in Rev. 7:17, which says, "For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne."

In short, the Trinity occupies the throne that John saw in Rev. 4, and the 24 Elders are invited to sit on the 24 thrones after Jesus.

I understand that the 24 Elders are a sample of redeemed people from the earth through the blood of Jesus Christ.
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General Discussion
11/29/21 04:51 PM
And yet little or no news on whether the increased "cases" have been vaccinated or not. Some reports indicate no difference. Others show increased cases, and they were justifying it by saying vaccinated people have different behavior and therefore more susceptible to getting it.

Hmmm... wasn't the point to reduce cases and here we vaccinate people causing them to behave in a way that increase the "cases"?! Grasping at air, they are.

Does this remind you of how Ellen White describes the sunday law? First it starts out slow, then they increase the pressure. Restaurants, bars, amusements. No issue, we shouldn't be going to them anyway. But then later they will increase the pressure, more and more since the vaccines are not preventing disease. Never intended to.
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General Discussion
11/29/21 04:41 PM
One thing I did get out of Adventist World's week of prayer articles is on Thursday's.

"Loyalty to the fallen cherub leaves a visible imprint in our lives. Having the name of the beast means that we have identified ourselves with the agenda and ambitions of the fallen cherub; we belong to him"

So what happens when we identify ourselves with the agenda and ambitions of the fallen cherub? We have the name of the beast.

Anyone doubt that one agenda of the fallen cherub is the coercion and control being implemented?

They may not have realized they spoke relevant truth here. And yet I hear of a conference banning pastors from signing exemption letters for members to avoid the experimental gene therapy transfection.
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General Discussion
11/29/21 04:31 PM
I was reading through the week of prayer articles in the November's Adventist World. I was having a hard time staying with it. By about Wednesday's, it was dawning on me that it's written in a certain style I have trouble with. Anyone else notice that?
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General Discussion
11/29/21 04:27 PM
Waiting? Shouldn't we be warning people?

But how do we warn people when our own members think it's just important to wear their cute little pointless masks?

And they will not know what hits them.
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General Discussion
11/29/21 04:23 PM
Originally Posted by Rick H
?If you have been vaccinated more than six months ago, I call on you to book an appointment for a booster shot. From December 15, you will need to show proof of a booster shot to extend the validity of your health pass.?

And didn't we say that is what would happen. First the 2 shots, then boosters, then infinite number.

Does this strike anyone like Billy's Windows viruses? Soon we will have a monthly vaccine subscription.

Just say no to drugs.

Macron said Europe was seeing a fifth wave of coronavirus infections
Yada, yada. More lies. What is a "wave"? From what I've seen, the so called second wave was a fraction of the first "wave". But we must raise the alarm that interest rates are quadrupling --- up to 0.04!

It looks like they are going to stretch this out beyond 2021...
Well of course! Never waste a crises, milk it for all it's worth. Fauci is planning on the African variant to be here soon. (Interesting it came in the news when his seat was getting a little hot. Probably just a coincidence) And reading between the lines lies, he said to the effect that COVID-19 wasn't what was being worked on (in the specific gain of function reports) in the lab. Meaning, something worse is coming down the line.
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General Discussion
11/13/21 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by kland

CO2 levels reach record highs despite COVID-19 economic shutdown
Despite an economic shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic that left planes on the runways and factories closed across the globe, carbon dioxide reached record-high levels this year.

Pieter Tans, a senior scientist at NOAA?s Global Monitoring Laboratory, said without the pandemic shut down, 2020 would have held the highest carbon emissions increase on record.

"Even though the human contribution to atmospheric CO2 is very small, it is just enough to create an imbalance of heat coming into and back out from the Earth's surface," Anderson said.

Just think how bad it'd be if we didn't.....blah, blah, blah.

Could it be that this very small contribution isn't making any difference? That when it's not contributing, it has no affect. A whole year of shut down and it's still increasing. Could it be, not man-caused?

Just think how bad global warming would be if:
We didn't wear masks,
We didn't get vaccinated,
We didn't wear a dunce cap,


I cannot believe that could be true with the massive reduction in energy sources that happened..
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General Discussion
11/12/21 11:16 PM
Oh for Pete's sake.
I cannot get the medical records of someone at church. Not related to them. and just to show you.
And what could you do with a medical record if you had one?
Probably say it was untrue.
So the doctors told the church member's wife that the member had died of COVID. She told the pastor, who had done an anointing by phone, to the member. The pastor told us.

Did they all lie?
And who are you to say they did?
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