The issue of the role that women should have in SDA Ministry is one that generates sometimes heated discussion. Regardless of the position that one takes, it is well to have a through understanding of our SDA history on that issue. Adventist today is probably a magazine that is not often read by members of this forum. However, their current issue is devoted to this subject. I found it to inform me of aspects of our history that I had not known. Acting upon a request, AT is making that issue available to the general public. If you would like to have a copy, the following website will inform you about that issue and how to obtain a copy.

I do not expect taht the members of this forum will agree with everything that is said in that issue. I do not agree with everything. But, I learned some things that I did not know. It is from that perspective that I suggest that it may be of value to members of this forum. I hope that I will be allowed to post this, Daryl, my friend.

May God's will be done.