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Do you think it could be assisted by Marian apparitions?
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We dont even need it with the way things are going today, with the Pope giving his ideas to the world...

The papacy is definitely doing it's part to influence the world. And there are a lot of moves at play that are moving in the direction of more global control.

However, there is still plenty of resistance to his mandates. There are still a lot of people not really interested in what the pope has to say.,

Also the Marian apparitions are already playing a huge part in this whole movement.
How many times since Pope John Paul II have popes consecrated the world, or a country (like Russia) to Mary? March 25, 2022 both Ukraine and Russia were to consecrated to Mary during a big ceremony at the Vatican. That means they are entrusting these countries to Mary to bring them to conversion.
The pope has consecrated himself to Mary as well.
In an address given Jan.1 2021 Pope Frances said, " Mary is not only the bridge joining us to God; she is much more. She is the road God travelled in order to reach us, and the road that we must travel in order to reach Him.?

The one thing about all this, is that the ceremonies are filled with reverence, prayers, and speeches of unity, peace, pleasing God, and having pure hearts, etc. In a world where moral values are being attacked, this does have appeal to people who seek something better. Marian worship plays a huge role in papal plans and speeches.

To answer TheophilusOne's question. The answer is "yes"!
(She) that is the spiritualistic powers will put on their display of piety, and signs and wonders, to convince the world they need to comply.

Then too -- AI will probably play a big role to confuse our senses as well.

It's a counterfeit that deceives the whole world. A Counterfeit has a lot of semblance to truth but it won't be truth, and will deceive if one is not anchored in God's Word.