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Spiritual Evolution #197690
06/09/24 07:19 PM
06/09/24 07:19 PM
dedication  Online Content OP
Global Moderator
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5500+ Member
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 6,485
What is evolution? It's based on a theory of transformation, the ability for creatures to adapt themselves to the changing environment.

Now, evolution as a theory of origins is based on lies. There is no truth there.
The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation is clear, God is the Creator Who created a perfect world. He spoke and it was done! (Psalms 33:9, Is 45:12, John 1:3-4)

However, the theory of transformationism, the ability for creatures to adapt themselves to the changing environment and change with it, has huge elements of truth.

Transformation for good? Yes, scripture tells us that by beholding the things of God and His Word, we are changed into new creatures in Him. (2 Cor. 3:18; 5:17)

BUT, there is also the bad side. By dwelling in a sinful environment, and beholding sinful things we are also changed, loosing the "image of God" our Creator intended us to be, and becoming "beasts".

Satan has not only been busy pushing evolution as a theory of origins to separate people from God, he has also been busy manipulating the environment to cause people to transform into a chaotic, no law, no God, species.

Not only has he attacked Creation as depicted in Genesis 1 and 2, he seeks to reverse creation and return things back into the chaotic abyss of confusion.

Re: Spiritual Evolution [Re: dedication] #197692
06/10/24 04:22 AM
06/10/24 04:22 AM
dedication  Online Content OP
Global Moderator
Supporting Member 2022

5500+ Member
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 6,485
The theory of transformatism, the ability for creatures to adapt themselves to the changing environment and change with it, has huge elements of truth.
And guess what -- the devil is working hard to change the atmosphere of the environment people live in to effect this transformation in their spiritual lives. He is working on evolving, especially the young people, into creatures that have no real interest in God, the Bible, or righteous living.

Several things came up from out of the "abyss" of Rev. 11:7. products of the ideologies of the French Revolution to confuse and adapt people's spiritual perception into a Godless mind frame.

Some have called them "incantations" or spells, or chants (Songs) Ivor Meyers calls them seven spells composed to get the world singing satan's songs. Even the churches are starting to sing those songs:

The beast from the abyss, which rose after the 1260 years, (Rev. 11:7) to attack the two witnesses (God's Word) cast all these spells to pollute the atmosphere, and create organized chaos, to the point of changing people into "beasts" that have no desire for God's righteousness, and remove the "enmity" which God placed within mankind against sin.

We can certainly see the results and success of his methods in the world today.

1. Transform: Fit in with the crowd. Adapt yourself or be an outcast. It's the basis of transformatism. Gradually eliminate the non conformist. Mutate or else?

2. Sarcasm -- Fill the media with mockery and sarcasm. Voltaire, one whose thoughts influenced the French Revolution, was a play writer. What better way to mock Christianity than write and perform plays that captivate the audience, but are laced with lines mocking Christian values? This method has taken the world by storm -- media that mocks Christian values yet entertains the listening audience, using skepticism, sarcasm, making eternal truths sound silly and foolish.

3. Licentiousness -- Marquis de Sade, also a product of the French Revolution, is known as the father of pornography, writing all sorts of lurid, unnatural sexual stuff. Polluting the atmosphere with Sodom's licentiousness.
Satan's planned evolution of man, created in the image of God, to be changed into an image of a beast. Pictures and erotic writings to be published -- to pull down the mind away from purity, nobility and God.

4. Humanism, the teaching that man is good and fully able to reason about good or evil in himself.
During the French Revolution, "Reason" was set up as the only god. If it's right for you, then it's good. There is no absolute, each person makes up their own set of values.

5. Romanticism, the belief that Emotion is "god". If it feels good it is good. Don't let society restrict you. (Like hippies of the sixties)

6. Voodoo music, drum music to bring the spirits. When the body begins weaving like a serpent it means the serpent spirits have entered the body. Using old voodoo songs and changing words to sound christian. 1804 the beast from the Abyss makes a land agreement with the beast of the earth. The Louisiana Purchase. It becomes part of America. New Orleans mutated the Voodoo music to survive in America, (Rag time/Jazz and later Rock) linked it with immoral exercise -- (Egypt and Sodom united) to assault the emotions and change people. Music that leads people to act like animals. Designed to manipulate the atmosphere to get people to depart further from God and HIS WORD, the bible.

7. Church connects with the world. Adapting each "spell" with Christian rhetoric



Re: Spiritual Evolution [Re: dedication] #197750
07/10/24 01:14 PM
07/10/24 01:14 PM
dedication  Online Content OP
Global Moderator
Supporting Member 2022

5500+ Member
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 6,485
Worldly transformation vs Biblical transformation

We can find a lot of information on the internet urging "spiritual transformation" but most is NOT Biblical transformation.
How can we tell the difference?

Biblical transformation focuses on Christ and His Word. It brings the mind into harmony with the things of God and His righteousness.

The worldly transformation focuses on "discovering the inner self, delving deeper into the inner self. "Unveiling layers of self-awareness, leading to a more profound comprehension of your identity." and "Gaining an elevated perspective on life and the surrounding world." "Cultivating an increased awareness of your inner thoughts and their impact on your life," and "challenging old societal norms".

The road of deception always attempts to include some truth. We are to look deep into our hearts at times, but for what are we to look and how are we to change?

Now the Bible does say: ""Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves.
2 Corinthians 13:5 (NKJV)
What are we looking for?
When we prayerfully read scripture, and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit convicting us of sin and leading us to Jesus and His righteousness for transformation, do we make excuses and ignore it leaving us unchanged? Or do we, by faith, check the rebellion that rises in our hearts and minds, and bring it to Jesus, claiming His blood for cleansing and surrendering our lives to Him and His righteousness. Seeking His will, not our own for our lives.

The worldly transformation, on the other hand, elevates our rebellious hearts into the seat of control to transform people into accepting unrighteousness; the rebellious heart becomes the master, Thus the Holy Spirit and His convicting of sin, is pushed aside. Biblical righteousness is challenged as hindering people of reaching higher levels of experience.

Worldly spiritual transformation makes a person totally receptacle to whatever the constant bombardment of media thoughts are being fed into people's minds.
By heavily seeding the environment surrounding what people hear and see, constantly feeding the carnal depravity and sinful desires of the people's hearts and minds, as something supposedly good, and then telling people to "look deep within themselves" for truth, they can "reprogram" society.

Moderator  dedication, Rick H 

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