Vision & Mission of Maritime SDA OnLine:

1 - To provide an oasis where brothers and sisters of like precious faith can pause and rest from the daily battle with temptations.

2 - To provide a place where we can come to recharge our batteries.

3 - To provide a place to talk to others.

4 - To provide a place to get ideas on how to handle stress.

5 - To provide the children of God to go out into the world and disciple those that are looking for the truth.

6 - To reach the hurting, the searching and the ones that have left because of hurts from their church 'family'.

7 - To make an organized effort to reach out to those in the community/s who want a safe place to explore Christianity.

8 - To look at ways MSDAOL can reach out to people who are unchurched, and/or searching for Truth.

9 - To become a cyber school of the prophets.

10 - To make Jesus the beginning, the middle and the end of our conversation.

The Administrator & Moderators of Maritime SDA OnLine

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