All weekend long they've been hemming and hawing about having votes recounted in Florida. What's wrong with the Florida courts?! 3 times they have ruled that it is OK to take into account the "intent of the voter" in the hand recounts.

In Canada we've learned from grade school that each voter puts an "X" in the middle of a circle. If the pencil mark touches the outside of the circle or if there is any other mark than an "X" in that circle, the ballot is voided. Looking for "intent" is ridiculous beyond words.

A lesson from history:

The Romans experimented with secret ballots in elections toward the end of the Republic. Pliny reports that the senate introduced secret ballots at the end of the first century A.D. At first the novel practice worked well, but before long some of the distinguished members too to writing "jokes and obscenities" on their ballots.
--Exploring the New Testament World by Albert A. Bell, Jr.

As the Happy Moments Roll,

Pastor Andrew

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