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'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42734
07/21/05 05:35 PM
07/21/05 05:35 PM
John H.  Offline OP
Most Dedicated Member
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 2,150
North Carolina, USA
A self-styled "prophet" who made news recently by allegedly summoning the appearance of UFOs in the Las Vegas area is now looking to re-create the feat in all 50 states.

Ramon Watkins, also known as Prophet Yahweh, says he'll begin his national tour Aug. 7, and is asking television and radio stations across America to allow him the chance to prove his ability to communicate with extra-terrestrials.

Watkins caused a stir in late May when an ABC-TV affiliate in Las Vegas put his claims to the test.

He agreed to meet with a reporter and camera crew of KTNV at a location of their choice and time.

What they witnessed, and captured on camera, stunned the reporter and crew.

At about 2:30 p.m. local time on May 26, Prophet Yahweh was documented summoning two UFOs for the station's cameras above Doolittle Park.

One of the unidentified flying objects was stationary in the sky while the other flew across Las Vegas. Then, it turned around and came back on the same path.


Over 100 years ago, God's true prophet wrote,
"Fearful sights of a supernatural character will soon be revealed in the heavens, in token of the power of miracle-working demons. The spirits of devils will go forth to the kings of the earth and to the whole world, to fasten them in deception, and urge them on to unite with Satan in his last struggle against the government of heaven. By these agencies, rulers and subjects will be alike deceived. Persons will arise pretending to be Christ Himself, and claiming the title and worship which belong to the world's Redeemer. They will perform wonderful miracles of healing and will profess to have revelations from heaven contradicting the testimony of the Scriptures."
{GC 624.1}

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42735
07/21/05 07:39 PM
07/21/05 07:39 PM
Will  Offline
Most Dedicated Member
Joined: Apr 2003
Posts: 2,332
BC, Canada
I had heard he was found to be a fraud. I will need to get the source of this to confirm. However there are plenty of strange things going on.
God Bless,

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42736
07/22/05 01:11 PM
07/22/05 01:11 PM
Angie Street  Offline
Full Member
Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 107
"The spaceship would never have appeared if I was not filmed calling it down. This is what the space beings wanted. They wanted me captured on film with their spaceship so everyone would know that these beings have chosen me to speak for them and no other person.The space beings kept their end of the bargain by sending a real UFO, on my signal, that was documented. But, Las Vegas media refused to film me calling down the spaceship. That's why it never happened."
Does he really believe this? This is really sad...

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42737
07/22/05 07:13 PM
07/22/05 07:13 PM
John H.  Offline OP
Most Dedicated Member
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 2,150
North Carolina, USA
I hope he is a fake -- for a guy to be able to 'summon' UFOs like he says he can would be just a little too much. But he sure fooled a Las Vegas TV station if he is a fraud.

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42738
07/23/05 03:42 AM
07/23/05 03:42 AM
Restin  Offline
Full Member
Joined: Jun 2002
Posts: 195
Apopka, Florida, USA
Just suppose that a majestic being steps out of a large spaceship looking very much like Starship Enterprise, which just landed in the courtyard of the Vatican, or perhaps near the White House or Times Square. Certainly millions of people have been brought up on Star Trek and the noble, superior beings of the "future" that are featured in the series. They would instantly recognize and understand such a heroic-appearing being coming forth from the familiar spaceship. A great preparation this is for the wonders that will be seen in the heavens". Suppose the majestic being announces that his people are responsible for crop circles (which only the severest denial will insist can be done by humans, if you've studied them) And suppose they say they can resolve the tensions between the nations and bring healing of our worst diseases with their "advanced" knowledge. That, I think, would be quite tenable and possible in this day and age, where we're fully primed for just such an event.

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42739
07/24/05 03:22 AM
07/24/05 03:22 AM
debbie  Offline
Dedicated Member
Joined: Jan 2004
Posts: 1,116
I believe we are VERY close to the end of time and probation. As we do, Satan will exhibit more and more of his powers--even causing fire to fall down from Heaven.

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs #42740
07/24/05 03:24 AM
07/24/05 03:24 AM
Avalee  Offline
Charter Member
Active Member 2014

Most Dedicated Member
Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 2,019
Northern CA
There will be some mighty strange things happening in the end. We should not be surprised at anything. Our belief on the manner of how Jesus comes the 2nd time has to come from the Bible. Many people will be fooled. Satan is a very smart and wily foe. He will fool the majortiy of the people who are not grounded in the truth.

This man very well could be a fake...but on the other hand I believe Satan will be able to make these things appear to fool those who are not studying and to those to are not followers of Christ.

Time is very close. Amen Come Lord Jesus and take us home.

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs [Re: John H.] #197514
03/13/24 06:32 PM
03/13/24 06:32 PM
dedication  Online Content
Global Moderator
Supporting Member 2022

5500+ Member
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 6,468
Well, this thread is about 20 years old.
Now UFO's are again in the news.
Lots of claims of sightings, coupled with a dose of skepticism.

I tend to agree with Avalee "there will be some mighty strange things happening in the end!"

Found a dialog on the subject on another forum that I was with, also from about 20 years back.
Rather interesting comments:

---In yahoo groups...R, wrote:
I tend to see these [UFO's] as pure speculations. Revelation 13 and Matthew
24 says that by signs and wonders the world will be deceived. Such as
we see at Lourdes [France] and Neo-Pentecostalism practicing today.
The latest of their miracle magic is, that woman have instant weight
losses, golden fillings in teeth and genuine Jewelry appearing from
nowhere into their hands. Then there's Criss Angel, an American magician, illusionist and musician. He is often referred to as one of the world's most successful illusionists, could he (or people like him) be part of the endtime show?


In yahoo groups...V. wrote:
There is too much psychic capital invested in all this for it to be a merely a sideshow.
But Criss Angel is a sideshow, not the ultimate threat..


In yahoo groups...A. wrote:
Agreed, the ultimate threat is not sideshows, but the Intergalactic Council>

For decades, ever since the Star Trek series came on the scene,
I've believed that Lucifer may appear as a magnificent being stepping
out of a UFO such as the Enterprise, announcing himself as
the "Answer" to the earth's problems, from his "advanced"
perspective. The silly looking, bug eyed "Martians" are a deliberate
scam. Lucifer and his agents will be awesome and larger than us,
sweeping the world off it's feet, even the scientists and world
leaders. ---


In yahoogroups....D. wrote:
I know Satan is getting the population ready
for the BIG delusions, this is just his way of preparing them for
it, getting the people used to UFO's, miracles, healings, etc.. but
its all coming down to his main event, personating Christ.

In yahoogroups G. wrote:
I think so to. I would suspect that one of the many places he will
appear is in Jerusalem. He will then give instructions as to how the
world should deal with those Sabbath observers.
In yahoogroups E wrote:
The UFO's will deliver the
messagers of Satan, in the last days, and who knows maybe event the
Big Guy himself, when ever he Decides to show up, the Sideshows
before that only are done to prepare the human mind that is not
under the protection of God to fall harder for the signs wonders and
miracles that Satan will do. Mr. Cris Angel, is one of the
best sideshows right now, but in time he will look like a child
play, We have to KNOW what the bible teaches on all truth because if
not then we will be deceived.

In yahoogroups V. wrote:
Stunt men, even real psychics, will only increase on the
scene, because this has been the enemy's tactic from the
beginning, to sow confusion, dispute, and uncertainty. What
WILL mark the watershed event of the beginning of the swift end to
Armageddon, will be the grand finale promised on the Internet by the Intergalactic Council to rescue planet earth, humanity from itself,
by means of a huge armada of UFOs. The UFO phenomenon, as
recently posted, IS serious, and unquestionably no stunt. It has
been in preparation for decades, if not centuries as the grand
finale to usher in Satan's counterattack. It is under THESE
conditions that the final scenes prophesied in Daniel and
Revelation will take place, I believe. There is too much psychic
capital invested in all this to be only for some sideshows,
Criss Angel is a sideshow. The overwhelming show is still ahead.

Re: 'Prophet' Summons UFOs [Re: John H.] #197517
03/16/24 02:19 AM
03/16/24 02:19 AM
ProdigalOne  Offline
Active Member 2024
Supporting Member 2023

Dedicated Member
Joined: Jun 2015
Posts: 1,186
Alberta, Canada
This channel hosted by a former Doug Bachelor employee, has much current information on this topic.


"...I will not forget you.
Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands..."

Isaiah 49:15-16

Moderator  dedication 

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