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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54224
07/12/05 09:49 PM
07/12/05 09:49 PM
Daryl  Offline
Site Administrator
23000+ Member
Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 24,870
Nova Scotia, Canada
I may still be around to be involved in this Friday evening's study.

In preparation for the next study, are we still on Chaper 1, or should we now also be reading Chapter 2?

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54225
07/12/05 11:14 PM
07/12/05 11:14 PM
Will  Offline
Group: Admin Team
Most Dedicated Member
Joined: Apr 2003
Posts: 2,332
BC, Canada
I was wondering the same thing too Daryl. I am not sure if we are going to go over the answers from ch.1 study guide and thenmove into ch.2? Not sure how this is suppose to work.
God Bless,

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54226
07/13/05 01:11 PM
07/13/05 01:11 PM
Ikan  Offline
Very Dedicated Member
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 1,664
Well, guys; we prayed for the Holy Spirit to lead the study last time before you arrived, and He did.
So I vote we let Him do it again.
His agenda is waaaaay better then any of ours... [Animated Laughter]

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54227
07/13/05 01:20 PM
07/13/05 01:20 PM
Ikan  Offline
Very Dedicated Member
Joined: Sep 2001
Posts: 1,664
I would like to say that the guide seemed to be very spiritually advanced. I was very pleased!

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54228
07/15/05 12:24 AM
07/15/05 12:24 AM
Daryl  Offline
Site Administrator
23000+ Member
Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 24,870
Nova Scotia, Canada
This is a reminder that this study will be continued this Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

I plan on being there. I may be a few minutes late, but I plan on being there. [Smile]

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54229
07/18/05 01:57 AM
07/18/05 01:57 AM
Daryl  Offline
Site Administrator
23000+ Member
Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 24,870
Nova Scotia, Canada
Even though the 2nd study last Friday evening began a bit late, it was another good one. [Smile]

An edited version of that study will eventually be posted here well before the next study on Chapter 3.

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54230
07/20/05 07:23 PM
07/20/05 07:23 PM
Daryl  Offline
Site Administrator
23000+ Member
Joined: Jul 2000
Posts: 24,870
Nova Scotia, Canada
Here is a really edited and condensed version of the chat discussion last Friday, July 15th on Chapter 2:


[Phil] 9:53 ADT pm: I got a question that might start the discussion going.... Why did the Romans persecute the new "sect" of the Jews, Christianity and not the Jews?

[Will] 9:54 pm: They could have been the high priest’s muscle at the time?

[Vicki Hahn] 9:54 pm: After the destruction of Jerusalem?

[Phil] 9:54 pm: Yep

[Vicki Hahn] 9:55 pm: Satan was upset!

[Phil] 9:55 pm: Rome was famous for absorbing the religions of all conquered nations, having a sort of "Congress of the Gods"....

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:55 pm: GC says, "Paganism foresaw that should the gospel triumph, her temples and altars would be swept away; therefore she summoned her forces to
destroy Christianity."

[Phil] 9:55 pm: Ol'Scratch is never not upset!

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:56 pm: That is why. Christianity was an economic threat.

[Phil] 9:57 pm: Why did they think this way? It was a weak, unorganized, non-military, temple-less cult...What kind a threat was that?

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:57 pm: EGW said that the pagans foresaw.....

[Phil] 9:57 pm: Economic? The barbarians were an economic threat.

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:58 pm: Enough must have already happened to scare them.

[Phil] 9:58 pm: Like?

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:59 pm: Well, right away 3,000 were added to the church as a result of Peter's preaching.

[Vicki Hahn] 9:59 pm: People's sinful nature can be threatened by the truth.

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:59 pm: They also didn't like what Paul was doing.

[Phil] 9:59 pm: In an Empire of millions, that means zip.

[Marae_Hoover] 9:59 pm: That could be threatening at the rate of which they were converted though.

[Daryl Fawcett] 9:59 pm: Why was Paul imprisoned?

[Phil] 10:00 pm: True, Vicki...but truth is preached all around you right now, and no "threat" comes from us to the State now.

[Phil] 10:00 pm: You are getting the idea, D. Paul was a threat to the Jewish union of
church and state..

[Vicki Hahn] 10:01 pm: The GC says, "The enmity that burst forth against the world's Redeemer would be manifested against all who should believe on His name."

[Will] 10:01 pm: True words indeed Vicki

[Phil] 10:02 pm: True...but what did the "enmity bursters" see as the threat?

[Will] 10:02 pm: The Gospel

[Vicki Hahn] 10:02 pm: You would think they would like a separate church and state.

[Will] 10:03 pm: I am seeing something here though, and so early too

[Phil] 10:03 pm: The threat was that they saw these non-image worshipping, secret gathering (if you don't have a public temple, you are secret) as traitors to the state/religion system

[Will] 10:03 pm: I thought it was only politics that was part of the persecution, and not paganism

[Phil] 10:04 pm: They are siamese twins, Will.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:04 pm: So tell us, Phil.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:04 pm: He is trying to get us to think

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:04 pm: Read this: Act 19:25 And assembling the workmen about such things, he said, Men, you know that from this trade is our wealth.
Act 19:26 And you see and hear that, not only at Ephesus, but almost all Asia, this Paul having persuaded, he has perverted a huge crowd, saying that those which are made
with hands are no gods.
Act 19:27 And not only is this dangerous to us, our share coming into dispute, but also the temple of the great goddess Artemis will be counted for nothing, and her magnificence is also about to be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worships.

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:05 pm: Economics and paganism.

[Phil] 10:05 pm: Those are the colonists, not the Romans, Daryl.

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:05 pm: They were afraid of losing both. I would say it also concerned the Romans.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:06 pm: Was it not that fact that Paul had converted so many so quickly that they realized how fast things could spread and then bring on the economic

[Phil] 10:06 pm: It's like the Maple syrup folks in NB getting mad....I'm talking about the seat of the Empire...Rome.

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:07 pm: The GC also says, "These persecutions, beginning under Nero about the time of the martyrdom of Paul, continued with greater or less fury for

[Will] 10:07 pm: No money, no taxes to pay to Rome due to loss of business because of the Gospel

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:07 pm: Why did Nero do what he did?

[Vicki Hahn] 10:08 pm: Their status quo was threatened.

[Phil] 10:08 pm: No....The conversion numbers played a role with the Jews, but the Romans couldn't care less at this point...."Crazy Jews...What sort a religion is this sect of
Christians?" Yes Vicki...The status quo is a Roman term, Latin. The Sate and Temple were one. Any move by anyone from one was a threat to the other.

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:09 pm: The devil incited them to destroy Christianity, however, when that failed the devil impressed them to embrace it instead and to creep false teachings there. And the devil was more successful in doing that as we can also still see today.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:10 pm: Jan says " the Jews were already conquered and the Christians were a new element that were spreading like fire"

[Phil] 10:10 pm: Going to burn incense at a Roman altar was a public event, like you going to the post office. The Christians refused to let Jesus become part of the "Congress
of Gods" , refused to do public rites and met in secret...all treasonable acts to Romans.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:11 pm: Ya Daryl!

[Vicki Hahn] 10:11 pm: The Christians taught against the gods and goddesses--idols.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:11 pm: So then it would be part of economics then Phil

[Phil] 10:12 pm: Right! Not merely $$$, but the whole idea of ....patriotism!

[Marae_Hoover] 10:12 pm: Right

[Vicki Hahn] 10:12 pm: They believed in only one unseen God.

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:12 pm: GC says, "The great adversary now endeavored to gain by artifice what he had failed to secure by force. Persecution ceased, and in its stead were
substituted the dangerous allurements of temporal prosperity and worldly honor. Idolaters were led to receive a part of the Christian faith, while they rejected other essential truths. They professed to accept Jesus as the Son of God and to believe in His death and resurrection, but they had no conviction of sin and felt no need of repentance....."

[Marae_Hoover] 10:12 pm: Well economics is not just $$ but the whole system itself

[Phil] 10:12 pm: That's the reason Paul objected and flashed his Roman citizenship papers.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:13 pm: Objected to what?

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:13 pm: GC further says, "Most of the Christians at last consented to lower their standard, and a union was formed between Christianity and paganism."

[Phil] 10:13 pm: Being beat by the Jews...Remember? He demanded to go to Washington to be tried....errr Rome.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:14 pm: Was this not that start of Catholicism? Cos read the 1st half of the chapter that I read that is what kept popping up in my mind

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:14 pm: Union between Christianity and paganism. Something like union of church and state today?

[Phil] 10:14 pm: Right...D. The "mystery of Iniquity" was inside the church already....

[Will] 10:15 pm: Uncanny parallel. Pressure to lower Christian standards i.e. same sex marriages resulted in what looks like the beast?

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:16 pm: How about this? GC says, "Although the worshipers of idols professed to be converted, and united with the church, they still clung to their idolatry,
only changing the objects of their worship to images of Jesus, and even of Mary and the saints."

[Marae_Hoover] 10:16 pm: Hmm. Reminds me of some recent events in our own church

[Phil] 10:16 pm: And furthermore, the apostle warns his brethren that "the mystery of iniquity doth already work." [2 THESS. 2:3, 4, 7.] Even at that early date he saw, creeping into the church, errors that would prepare the way for the development of the papacy. {GC88 49.1}

[Marae_Hoover] 10:17 pm: Isn’t that the Catholic Church, Daryl??

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:17 pm: Yes. Definitely!

[Marae_Hoover] 10:17 pm: Scary they don't even know their own history.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:17 pm: But did we answer Phil's original question?

[Phil] 10:17 pm: Right Mare...very early stages...see my post, too.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:19 pm: 1888 version

[Phil] 10:19 pm: So what did Romans see as the reason to hunt down the weird cult of sabbath-keepers?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:20 pm: They kept the correct day of worship/correct laws of God and it would keep the pagans from joining up with them, and bring on ecomonic ruins
because of the lack of pagan support

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:20 pm: Why did Pilate release Barabbus instead of Jesus?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:21 pm: Cos the Jews wanted it. They chose Barrabas.

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:21 pm: Why did the Jewish leaders crucify Jesus?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:21 pm: Cos they didn't believe he was the Son of God

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:21 pm: Why did the Romans persecute the Christians?

[Vicki Hahn] 10:21 pm: In the presence of truth, people see their own sinfullness and they can't stand it.

[Will] 10:22 pm: The Pharisees knew Jesus was the Messiah.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:22 pm: Because they didn't believe the Christians were the true church?

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:22 pm: I think so too Will.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:23 pm: I agree to, but at the same time it is too easy to go with the heard sometimes, ya know?

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:23 pm: They knew but their pride over ruled their convictions.

[Will] 10:23 pm: Everyone knew, but it was pride and greed that got in the way. Regardless that was prophecy fulfilled in that Jesus is the Lamb slain from the foundations of the earth

[Phil] 10:23 pm: "They're unreasonable elitists. We offer them to meld their religion with the State's United Religion, and they refuse. They do not perform the minimum of a citizen's duties to the gods, meet at night in caves, have no recognizable rituals, and their own countrymen hate them, the Jews. Besides they don't love the gladiator games or
honor Ceaser with offerings. They are rebels to the State and the gods, and must die."

[Marae_Hoover] 10:23 pm: Where did you quote from?

[Phil] 10:24 pm: My head.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:24 pm: Same as the end of days.

[Phil] 10:24 pm: Bingo!

[Marae_Hoover] 10:24 pm: I was thinking of it in relation to today, why would we be persecuted? Because we worship God in the correct way

[Phil] 10:24 pm: Bingo!

[Marae_Hoover] 10:24 pm: I was thinking of it in relation to today, why would we be persecuted? Because we worship God in the correct way. Yay! got it finally. Althow I was thinking that when I read it earlier this week

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:25 pm: Why then are we NOT being persecuted?

[Phil] 10:25 pm: The way is one thing, The perceived way by the State is another.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:26 pm: Daryl, I don't know about you but I personally have been, and it will only get worse

[Phil] 10:26 pm: No power of the Holy Spirit in His people yet, Daryl.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:26 pm: Wait, what Phil?

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:26 pm: Yes, there are a few being persecuted, but not the mass.

[Will] 10:26 pm: Politically we are not persecuted, but on an individual basis you don’t have to go far to find out how much hatred and rage is incited when you tell another Christian about the Sabbath

[Marae_Hoover] 10:27 pm: People get VERY defensive

[Phil] 10:27 pm: Everybody is on the same page!

[Will] 10:27 pm: Why they would even stone you to death if we were back in the Bible days.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:28 pm: Phil do you mean as far the Holy Spirit getting the masses on the same page at the same time or right now?

[Phil] 10:28 pm: The factors missing are....First, a fully Spirit filled People

[Daryl Fawcett] 10:28 pm: The GC talks about two classes which still exists today: "There have ever been two classes among those who profess to be followers of Christ. While one class study the Saviour's life and earnestly seek to correct their defects and conform to the Pattern, the other class shun the plain, practical truths which expose their

[Phil] 10:29 pm: No...we are being lead now by the HS, but I am talking us as a Church, before the Persecutions.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:29 pm: I have heard that a lot Daryl, and Phil can you be more specfic? I feel like I am missing part of your point cos you are leaving something out

[Phil] 10:30 pm: Remember; God empowered the Church at Pentecost before the persecutions came.

[Will] 10:30 pm: Because they all agreed i.e. were of one accord. Yay.

[Phil] 10:31 pm: Truth unites; you can't unite and then call that truth.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:31 pm: Truth also divides. The wheat and the tares.

[Phil] 10:32 pm: From the world, yes...but we are talking of the church being empowered, and that always united them. I am talking of the Person who calls Himself
Truth, not merely truths of the Bible. We have had that for over 160 years, yet we are not united or empowered.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:34 pm: Is being united always a good thing though?

[Vicki Hahn] 10:34 pm: Very frustrating...but it must begin with...ME! Like Phil said, you can't unite and then call that truth.

[Phil] 10:34 pm: If He unites in reality, it is good. If we fake unity it is not His doing.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:34 pm: You must unite in the truth.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:34 pm: Being united within our own church could be both positive and negetive depending on WHAT we are united on. Yes so then WHAT we are
united on? Hmm once again I am reminded of recent events

[Phil] 10:35 pm: What comes after Who empowers.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:35 pm: WHAT?????? "What" and "who" is on 1st and 2nd and I am all turned around

[Vicki Hahn] 10:36 pm: If we fully submit to God, He will unite us all in His truth. (Who before What)

[Marae_Hoover] 10:36 pm: Amen! Yep no clue Vicki

[Phil] 10:36 pm: Look...If God empowers you and me to be in agreement, it is quite different than if Daryl says "Now you two must agree!" or we say "Ok I agree with your ideas."

[Marae_Hoover] 10:37 pm: Got that part

[Phil] 10:37 pm: Yes, Vicki!

[Phil] 10:38 pm: So the secret of the persecuted early Christians was that they were fully submitted to God by the Holy Spirit's empowerment, refused to get mixed in with the
Roman lifestyle and suffered willingly for Him.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:39 pm: Whoa, I get it now.

[Will] 10:40 pm: "With words of faith, patience, and hope, they encouraged one another to endure privation and distress."

[Phil] 10:40 pm: So therefore, we must do the same, or the Loud cry will pass us by, leaving us sitting in our habits of thought and customs, thinking we are good SDAs and when we were merely "observers"

[Will] 10:40 pm: Reminds me of Hebrews 10:24,25

[Vicki Hahn] 10:41 pm: What is that, Will?

[Phil] 10:41 pm: Yes! Will: they had to have faith, hope and courage, but it must have been given them, not something they worked up.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:41 pm: Yes it does me to Will
[Will] 10:42 pm: But consider one another to provoke unto love and unto good works, but not forsaking the assembling as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another and so much the more as ye see the day approaching

[Marae_Hoover] 10:42 pm: Not just that Phil but encourage each other and draw even closer together as a family and church family.

[Will] 10:43 pm: I messed up. It’s not forsaking the assembling of ourselves.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:43 pm: I feel a personal draw to that very part of it

[Will] 10:43 pm: I am working on memorization

[Vicki Hahn] 10:43 pm: Our church members should be closer than family.

[Will] 10:43 pm: We should Vicki, but we aren't. It is sad indeed.

[Phil] 10:43 pm: That is a natural result of the Holy Spirit's actions...you are sitting in a chat room swathed in His creating....

[Will] 10:44 pm: So many things dividing us from doctrines down to chocolate cake served at potluck.

[EGW Book Club Room]: Angela Smart has entered at 10:44 pm ADT

[Phil] 10:44 pm: All of that fizzles way when the Lord's Spirit is allowed to rule.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:45 pm: Wait how so? Here we are people from all over the planet who feel very strongly about certain things but we can't get our own churches to get out of the comfort zone they have built around themselves to do anything but sit tight and wait when action needs to be taken to prepare for Jesus coming. Sad indeed!

[Will] 10:46 pm: That’s why we need to provoke each other unto love and good works, and exhort each other too.

[Phil] 10:46 pm: The Lord has special classrooms like this in MSDAOL to teach us to be a light wherever we are.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:46 pm: God's people will never be the majority.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:47 pm: That's why the Internet is so wonderful --those of like mind can meet!

[Phil] 10:47 pm: So true, Vicki...not until after the New Earth is created.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:47 pm: I meant online.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:47 pm: True Vicki, but we also need to make sure we are out there working too.

[Vicki Hahn] 9:52 EDT pm: So before I forget, we will meet here next Friday night, 8:30 EDT. Chapter 3

[Will] 9:52 pm: Angela, The Great Controvery is a wonderful book. I slowly tell one of my charismatic friends about topics contained in it such as pagan rome, The Great Controversy between Christ and satan

[Angela Smart] 9:53 pm: Thank you Will, I will refresh my reading and catch up with you

[Will] 9:58 pm: Has anyone rejoiced while they were persecuted? Even if you got flack from friends and family?

[Marae_Hoover] 9:59 pm: Yea actually, kinda comforting in a way, cos I know I must have done something right

[Vicki Hahn] 9:59 pm: No, I can't think of any persecution that I have suffered. What have I done wrong!?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:00 pm: Vicki, even though I have done something right I have been persecuted

[Phil] 10:00 pm: Ok....Persecution can come from several sources.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:00 pm: Yea

[Angela Smart] 10:01 pm: Describe persecution. It is a wide field.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:01 pm: Which type shall we address? I was talking about the religious kind coming from friends and coworkers even family

[Phil] 10:01 pm: Self-generated....Like handing out "Mark of the Beast" tracts in the Catholic Cathedral

[Angela Smart] 10:01 pm: OK, from whom, friends, work mates, family?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:02 pm: That is asking for a death sentence Phil!

[Will] 10:02 pm: For example I was called a legalist because I didnt want to go to a restaurant after Sabbath, and one of my friends who I grew up with thinks the same thing, but he says "I disagree with you on.." and here he thinks that you have to speak in tongues in order to prove you are baptized with the Holy Spirit

[Phil] 10:02 pm: Doesn't actually matter who the persecuter is (in spite of our feelings)

[Will] 10:02 pm: He’s not Pentecostal, bit one of those non-denominational "community church" types, the other was from an SDA

[Vicki Hahn] 10:03 pm: I have tried to give co-workers books and they hand them back to me unread. Gives me a real weird feeling.

[Angela Smart] 10:03 pm: My husband, not an Adventist put GC into the libraries in Broome Catholic and Jehovah's Witness because they were in the car and he was working there electrician smile

[Marae_Hoover] 10:03 pm: Wait will, on Sabbath day just after sundown or when?

[Will] 10:03 pm: After church service

[Phil] 10:03 pm: That is the next example, Will, my friend: Authentic

[Will] 10:03 pm: This was from my mom of all people!

[Marae_Hoover] 10:04 pm: I have given books and study guides/tracts to coworkers and friends and asked for them back and they don't want to give them back to me, so I guess they liked them. Oh well no way, it is Sabbath still until after sundown

[Will] 10:04 pm: hehehe that is awesome Marae. I gave a tract on the secret rapture to a Baptist friend of mine, and he still has it.

[Angela Smart] 10:04 pm: I hate, letterboxing in daylight, I have a terrible time with confrontation,

[Phil] 10:04 pm: OK...now please don't take offense by my next post

[Marae_Hoover] 10:05 pm: Nope can't Phil, no promises, you are my Christian brother and I refuse to take offense. LOL

[Phil] 10:06 pm: These are not persecutions, but resistances. Persecutions must actually harm you or kill you, or threaten to.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:06 pm: Plus I love thought provoking questions, good thing about Maritime.

[Angela Smart] 10:06 pm: I was persecuted by my husband and relatives when I came in out of the 'cold', not nice, all ganged up on me terrible, but after the tears and witness years later respect.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:07 pm: Persecute: to harass in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict that is the definition right there

[Phil] 10:07 pm: Notice in Chapter 2 of the GC and in the book of Acts, no such resistances were written as of that vital in keeping before the future believers...

[Marae_Hoover] 10:07 pm: So therefore they would be persecution's

[Phil] 10:08 pm: "outta the cold" means something different in Oz, Angela...re explain.

[Angela Smart] 10:08 pm: Yep, that’s the one, got a lot of that from a lot of so called friends and family, lots of jeering and sniggering,

[Vicki Hahn] 10:09 pm: I just read the book, "Stranger in My Home" by C. Raymond Holmes. Anyone else?

[Angela Smart] 10:09 pm: Away from God, out in the world for 20 years, bad lands,

[Marae_Hoover] 10:09 pm: I was in the 3rd grade and living in Mormon country and when it was found out I was SDA I was literally kicked out into the hall and shunned by teachers, students, they made me eat by myself, and I was totally treated like I had some disease and no one would come near me

[Vicki Hahn] 10:09 pm: He was a Luthern minister who persecuted his wife when she turned SDA--hit her, etc.

[Will] 10:10 pm: Those things you did Angela are written down, and it is a blessing that God loved you back home

[Vicki Hahn] 10:10 pm: That sounds terrible, Marae and Angela.

[Phil] 10:10 pm: Now that is persecution, Marae....Resistance is a bit different. That is persecution Vicki

[Angela Smart] 10:10 pm: Jesus has it all recorded Marae, justice is his to order in due time, no one gets away with anything in regard to the 'apple of his eye'

[Vicki Hahn] 10:11 pm: How about you, Phil?

[Will] 10:11 pm: Jeremiah was persecuted, and people even consipred to kill him after he revealed prophetic words to the kings of Israel

[Marae_Hoover] 10:11 pm: And this was adult teachers treating a 3rd grader this way. they even gave me extra homework and stuff. It was horrible, thankfully my mom drove me across town to a school with only like 80 kids K-12 and it was the only Adventists we knew, God got us out of there within 3 months so we were fortunate

[Phil] 10:12 pm: OK....so my point is....When you are empowered more fully with the Holy Spirit, these persecutions are more bearable and the resistances are hardly noticed.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:12 pm: Resistances by those persecuting you?

[Angela Smart] 10:13 pm: I have friends that suffer still with the other partner that will not accept the decision for Christ, I have had phone calls from both men and women weeping on their way to church Sabbath morning wanting comfort and reassurance from
me, because I have been there

[Vicki Hahn] 10:14 pm: So your experiences made you a blessing to others, Angela.

[Phil] 10:14 pm: No...Think of them as two different things: Persecutions=physical.... Resistances=emotional

[Will] 10:14 pm: Amen. The resistance can easily turn into persecution from the same person resisting you

[Marae_Hoover] 10:15 pm: So what do you mean by emotional resistance then? Can you give me an example?

[Phil] 10:15 pm: Vicki...you asked me of my situation?

[Will] 10:15 pm: Sorry, let me rephrase that, it will turn into persecution from the person who is resisting the prompting of the Holy Spirit

[Angela Smart] 10:15 pm: Yes indeed, what does not kill us makes us stronger, we must in these days, put on crocodile skins and become dead to insult and injury, its going to get much worse folk

[Phil] 10:15 pm: Amen...Will and Ang of Tas!

[Will] 10:16 pm: My training is with the closest people. I can’t imagine what it will be like

[Vicki Hahn] 10:16 pm: Yes, Phil. What do you mean, Will..."my training is..."

[Angela Smart] 10:17 pm: I have read where EW says that strength will be given as to the Apostles when time of trial and persecution is upon us in earnest, special power from above to cope. Praise God for that no hero's here...

[Will] 10:17 pm: My current experiences with those who call me legalistic, fanatical are experiences I have to deal with from people I have lived with or known for years, and this is when I use to be very very bad. I believe it Angela

[Phil] 10:17 pm: Nothing of the persecution stripe, and little in the way of resistance; God is holding it all at bay so I can get my mission work done. It's weird being in an absolute Muslim monarchy and having less trouble that you would think.

[Angela Smart] 10:19 pm: Since my return to God some 11 years I have been called legalist, conservative, fundamentalist, seperationist, bigot, and a lot more, from 'friends' in the church, half of them don't even know what they are talking about as they trip these words out of there mouths

[Phil] 10:20 pm: Knee jerk reactions are easy, huh?

[Vicki Hahn] 10:20 pm: In an ADVENTIST church? I can't imagine...but I know it happens!

[Marae_Hoover] 10:20 pm: Oh you haven't seen what I have seen

[Angela Smart] 10:21 pm: Phil, I find that its harder to reach the Christians in this town and others than heathens, beleive me, so much to unlearn and brainwashing in others, sigh

[Phil] 10:21 pm: Now, to steer us back on topic....Do you see this type of coolness in the Early church? If not why not?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:21 pm: Well yea

[Will] 10:21 pm: Coolness?

[Vicki Hahn] 10:22 pm: Persecution made the Christians multiply

[Will] 10:22 pm: What do you mean?

[Phil] 10:22 pm: Yah to me or Ang?

[Marae_Hoover] 10:22 pm: History is literally repeating itself. Phil.

[Angela Smart] 10:22 pm: Ellen White was ignored by the conference president who passed her door because he didn't agree with what she said about righteousness by faith.

[Phil] 10:22 pm: Lukewarmness generates persecution and resistance within the church.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:23 pm: So does extremists

[Vicki Hahn] 10:23 pm: I get it, Phil.

[Phil] 10:24 pm: Vicki: The Holy Spirit made the Christians to multiply, and that generated persecutions because of their lifestyles looking threatening to the State.

[Angela Smart] 10:24 pm: Laodecia is alive and well folks, hardly anyone is waiting for Jesus to return, I hear, oh, its years away, we will not see it in our life time...sigh

[Vicki Hahn] 10:24 pm: And persecution from without causes people to draw together.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:25 pm: I think it would be kool in my lifetime, to see Jesus coming, AWESOME! THE ULTIMATE RUSH! and at the same time kinda scary to go through, but SO COOL!!!

[Phil] 10:25 pm: It can...but again, united by wounds or by the Holy Spirit?

[Will] 10:25 pm: So if the condition of the church is Laodecian with those who are lazy, then what is the condition of those who are out about doing God's work?

[Angela Smart] 10:25 pm: The remnant is a piece left over from a whole piece, we will draw together, those that believe the truth for these days

[Will] 10:26 pm: So a remnant in the Laodecian church correct?

[Phil] 10:26 pm: If God' is truly directing the work, they are "hot"...If they are directing their own work, they are still being their own god.

[Vicki Hahn] 10:26 pm: A remnant of the remnant church, if you will, Will.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:26 pm: Is this like that question last week about when the Holy Spirit will tell us to go into the hills, like we will just know, ...as in the remnant church will draw together in the end times and that is why we need to stay in the church no matter what happens?

[Angela Smart] 10:27 pm: A lot of people that heard Jesus speak were offended by what He said, and left, Him He even asked the disciples will you be offended too. From what I have read on EW, those who do not receive the latter rain will not make it, very strong language for the church, read Last Day Events, on Latter Rain

[Marae_Hoover] 10:29 pm: Naw, no monkeys here

[Will] 10:29 pm: I had heard that many will not see the latter rain. How do we know that we will?

[Vicki Hahn] 10:29 pm: I have heard that the latter rain may already be falling in places.

[Phil] 10:29 pm: (Ask any evolutiontist about that Marae)

[Marae_Hoover] 10:29 pm: That is what I had studied too Vicki

[Vicki Hahn] 10:30 pm: I really prayed that, Marae! Not a joke.

[Marae_Hoover] 10:30 pm: I believe you! Likewise, This has become a highlight of my week, I learn more here then Sabbath.

This was basically the end of the study, however, the chatting continued after that.

Also, even with this condensed version, it was still way longer than the study on Chapter 1.

We will be studying Chapter 3 this Friday, July 22nd at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

We hope to see more people there.

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54231
07/22/05 11:59 AM
07/22/05 11:59 AM
Daryl  Offline
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Are any of you preparing to join us in the EGW Book Club Room of MSDAOL Chat Room #1 this evening as we discuss Chapter 3 of The Great Controversy? It begins at 8:30 p.m. EDT. The link is http://www.maritime-sda-online.org/chat/maritime1.php

If you are not registered there yet and wish to be, please let me know.

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54232
07/22/05 11:17 PM
07/22/05 11:17 PM
Daryl  Offline
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Tonight's study of Chapter 3 of the GC is scheduled to begin in about 15 minutes.

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Re: Chat Room Study on "The Great Controversy" Notice #54233
07/22/05 11:20 PM
07/22/05 11:20 PM
Will  Offline
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I am going to be late beause I have to pick up my wife, but will log in as soon as I come back.
God Bless,

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