I first saw this video in the early 90s after viewing a stunning photo exhibit by James Arrabito at the 1990 GC Session in Indianapolis. The photos depict traces of the Sabbath-keeping church through the ages, from around the world; the 'Church in the Wilderness'. The mountain refuge of the Waldenses, the early church in Ireland, Scotland, across Europe, including sites of the Inquisition and pagan relics enshrined at the Vatican as Christian symbols.

'The (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy' comprises 192 pages of these colour photos along with the original 1911 text by E.G. White. Published in hardcover by 'Laymen for Religious Liberty' in 1990. Sadly, James Arrabito died with two of his sons in a private plane crash in Alaska that same year.

'Behind the Door' describes the determined role of the Jesuit order to infiltrate and control each Protestant denomination, our seminaries and public libraries. These are prerequisite to imposing a National Sunday Law with the least resistance from 'heretics, Protestants and Liberals'. Included are interviews and testimonies from SDA veterans no longer living, as well as former Roman Catholics. The video documents the subtle and grave dangers facing God's people in these closing days.
It would well be required viewing for both seminary and baptismal candidates.