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The Power of the Second Angels Message "

Babylon is fallen, but truth still needs to be proclaimed to all nations, tongues and people.

The first angel's message was being proclaimed in the early 1840's, Having mapped out the 3200 years of Daniel 8:14, the message that the "hour of God's
'judgment had come," and the sanctuary was to be cleansed and people were urged to prepare their hearts and minds to meet their Creator and Savior.
True, they mistakenly thought the sanctuary to be cleansed was this earth. They had not yet studied about the heavenly sanctuary where Jesus, our High Priest was ministering for His people. Never the less, they preached the message that the "hour of the judgment had come. They prayed together, confessing their sinners and seeking after righteousness, urging people to worship God.

But the denominational churches scoffed. They rejected the evidence from scripture that gave them a time line announcing a great change was being marked out, in the heavenly time table in relationship to the salvation of human beings. Thus they placed themselves in a position so they could not see the light of the second angel's message.

Being rejected and scoffed at by the human religious leaders as well as the common people, would discourage anyone.
But those who had heard the first angel, now heard the second, and were ENCOURAGED!
Their message urging people to be serious in their worship of God, coupled with the 2300 days, the sanctuary being cleansed, the hour of God's judgment having come, was not of human origin!

There was a great shaking! They had felt the moving of the Holy spirit in a mighty way, and seen convincing truth in scripture, would they now deny all that and go back into the fellowship of those heaping ridicule and mocking their experience?

The second angel message encouraged them to LOOK UP, don't look at earthly religious leaders, they are fallen. babylon is fallen. The Lord is leading you out of babylon! The message was heart searching, and led the believers to seek a living experience for themselves . Now they knew that they could not lean upon any scholar, or religious leader. They had to search the scriptures for themselves.
And they found it, in scripture. The timeline and the message from scripture WAS correct. But nowhere did scripture say the "sanctuary: was this earth. And Scripture plainly told them the 1st angel was not the last, they had more work to do before the second coming/ They were to dig deeper and uncover the truths babylon had hidden. They were to see the work of Christ more clearly..

During this "time of the end" beginning in 1844, it is God's intention to restore every lost or downplayed truth. --- Many truths had been rediscovered previously during the Reformation, but the Reformation faltered, even men like Luther, back tracked in several points to fit in a little better with the state church. Now again doctrines that are in clear opposition to standard mainline churches' doctrines were brought forth:
The Sanctuary
The Sabbath
Death the wages of sin and man's condition in death.
The second coming and the millennium
Creation/fall/restoration theme
All had beeen to some extent (or fully) been replaced by man's traditions and philosophies, and/or merging with pagan ideas, and the pure truth needed to be found in Scripture and understood in the light of Christ and His work in saving sinners

The Second angel's verification that "Babylon" was fallen, as well as seeing various churches' doctrines in contradiction to the voice of God in scripture, enabled those who came through the experience to find truth from scripture, for themselves. They were sure God had led them through their past experience and would lead them to fuller truth concerning doctrines and prophecy. .

The power of the second angel, alerts us that the world's explanations of the things of God are shifting sand, look to the rock, the Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to guide the seeker to truth.